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Sheriff Joe Is Keeping the Birther Dream Alive

The Tea Party’s very own Sheriff Joe Arpaio — famous for his pink panty fetish and for leading a department full of human traffickers — on Wednesday night met with “more than 325 people” (!) who fear that Barack Obama will try to run on 2012 ballots in Arizona’s Maricopa County using a fake birth certificate. Oh yes.

The Surprise Tea Party Patriots™ handed Sheriff Joe a petition with 242 signatures. Joe said he’ll “probe” the issue (with tax payer’s money), and keep Maricopa County free of forged document-wielding illegal aliens.

Awesome! Sheriff Joe is proud of providing such a low standard of health care and sustenance to his inmates that he was ordered by the federal appellate court to improve conditions within the jail because of substantial 8th Amendment violations. One reason Arpaio cites for providing food like moldy bread is that it saves the taxpayers money. Truthfully, he’s cost Arizona taxpayers quite a bit in litigation costs and civil rights suits.

And now, with trying to ‘probe’ whether or not Barack Obama is going to run in Maricopa County (and, ostensibly, the rest of the country) with a false birth certificate, he’s prepared to further misuse taxpayer dollars. If you wrote this as a movie, no producer would touch it - it’s that ridiculous. However, welcome to the reality shared by much of the Tea Party and Sheriff Joe.

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    Didn’t know you were from Phoenix. But yeah, I definitely agree that Arpaio is an embarrassment to Arizona and America.
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    Sheriff Joe is a big part of the reason why I decided I couldn’t live in Phoenix anymore. He just keeps getting...
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    What’s it going to take? They’ve seen the document and its been verified by the State of Hawaii. Not to mention the fact...
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    Absolutely redonkulous! Get rid of this guy, Arizona! He’s giving you all a bad rap.
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