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Texas cut fire department funding by 75 percent this year

Under Gov. Rick Perry (R) this year, Texas slashed state funding for the volunteer fire departments that protect most of the state from wildfires like the ones that have recently destroyed more than 700 homes.

Volunteer departments that were already facing financial strain were slated to have their funding cut from $30 million to $7 million, according to KVUE.

The majority of Texas is protected by volunteer fire departments. There are 879 volunteer fire departments in Texas and only 114 paid fire departments. Another 187 departments are a combination of volunteer and paid.

For that reason, aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) could be more important than ever to the state where wildfires have recently been raging.

At a press conference Monday, Perry promised to seek federal disaster relief and said that FEMA would be in the state by Wednesday.

While the Texas governor has been highly critical of FEMA in the past, he told CBS’ Erica Hill Tuesday that now was not the time to worry about reforming the agency.

"The issue is taking care of these people right now," Perry insisted. "We can work our way through any conversations about how to make agencies more efficient, how to make Department of Defense equipment, for instance, more available. There are a lot of issues we can talk about, but the fact of the matter is now is not the time to be trying to work out the details of how to make these agencies more efficient. Let’s get people out of harm’s way."

Hypocrisy and anti-government rhetoric has consequences when the legislature takes it to heart. I feel terrible for the people of Texas, but I feel no pity for their governor, who was the ultimate signing authority on spending cuts. Ever heard of the Boy Scouts and their whole ‘always be prepared’ thing? I’ve seen people defending Perry by saying, “There’s no way he could have known this would happen!”


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    Seriously, we need to come up with a stronger word than “hypocrisy”. The right has actually become Contemptuous of...
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    Republican version of fiscal responsibility: don’t waste money on insurance. (The government can always bail you out…)
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    Also, threatening to secede from the Union while covering your budget shortfall with federal stimulus money?...
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