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How to cure feminism

Anders Behring Breivik is a right-wing extremist who carried out the worst violence Norway has seen since WWII. Breivik railed against certain groups he saw as destroying Europe’s traditional conservative, Christian society. These groups included Muslims, immigrants in general, the left, and those he called “cultural Marxists.” According to his manifesto, this also included feminists. Breivik suggested 5 ways to control women, raising the fertility rate and dealing with feminism and feminists in general:

  1. Limit the distribution of birth-control pills (contraceptive pills): Discourage the use of and prevent liberal distribution of contraceptive pills or equivalent prevention methods. The goal should be to make it considerably more difficult to obtain…

  2. Reform sex education: Reform the current sex education in our school institutions. This may involve limiting it or at least delaying sex education to a later age and discourage casual sex. Sex should only be encouraged within the boundaries of marriage…

  3. Making abortion illegal: A re-introduction of the ban on abortion should result in an increased fertility rate of approximately 0,1-0,2 points…

  4. Women and education: Discourage women in general to strive for full time careers. This will involve certain sexist and discriminating policies but should increase the fertility rate by up to 0,1-0,2 points.

  5. Women should not be encouraged by society/media to take anything above a bachelor’s degree but should not be prevented from taking a master or PhD. Males on the other hand should obviously continue to be encouraged to take higher education - bachelor, master and PhD.

Blogger Jen McCreight points out the most chilling aspect of Breivik’s manifesto in regards to women:

He’s right. Want to control women? Reduce them to baby making machines… The really scary part? While people while be eager to dismiss this as the crazed ravings of a madman, these are the exact tactics the religious right is using in the United States. And that’s a hell of a lot more than one person.

I would expand that to the GOP in general. The frenzied defunding of Planned Parenthood at the state and federal levels is a prime example. 


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I took a screen shot of this because I want to show I did not edit this submission in the least. 
Here is the post referenced by the submitter.
I wish I could be certain this is the only person out there who holds such abhorrent beliefs, but I’m not that naive. 
I just really don’t know what to say to this. Its logical leaps and paranoia are astounding. It’s like every fear of the far right in America was put into a blender, whipped to a frothy frenzy, and poured out into my submission box.

I took a screen shot of this because I want to show I did not edit this submission in the least. 

Here is the post referenced by the submitter.

I wish I could be certain this is the only person out there who holds such abhorrent beliefs, but I’m not that naive. 

I just really don’t know what to say to this. Its logical leaps and paranoia are astounding. It’s like every fear of the far right in America was put into a blender, whipped to a frothy frenzy, and poured out into my submission box.

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Reason must prevail in Norway's agony

Poverty and unemployment affect non-Norwegian residents most acutely. The right is small, but a poll this month suggests a growing scepticism towards immigration. According to the poll, half of all Norwegians want to shut their country’s borders to new immigrants and almost as many again do not believe integration efforts have gone well.

Immigration from the developing world began relatively late in Norway, in the 1990s, and some have found the transition from a largely homogenous to a more multi-cultural society difficult, Anders Behring Breivik amongst them. He describes himself on Facebook as a nationalist, a Christian and a conservative, strongly opposed to multiculturalism. His apparent dislike of “the other”, and the impact of immigration, may have provoked actions described by justice minister Knut Storberget as “shocking, bloody and cowardly”, but they are bound to be part of a conversation that Norway conducts with itself as it comes to terms with what has happened.

In that context, it is vital that the understandable sense of anger and loss doesn’t allow more extremist voices to dominate. In the same poll, for instance, 80% of Norwegians agreed that it was “positive” for children to go to school with other children from “various cultures” and around half of those questioned believe Norwegian businesses should employ more immigrants.

In Britain yesterday, furious polemical arguments were already taking place around the description of Anders Behring Breivik as a “Christian fundamentalist”- some justifiably wishing to dissociate fundamentalism from Christianity. It perhaps says something about prevalent attitudes in the west that there is very little similar imperative in debates to consider on occasion the merits of uncoupling Islam from fundamentalism.

I hope Norway takes this caution to heart. 

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This is a video confirmed as produced and posted by Norwegian domestic terrorist Anders Behring Breivik a.k.a Andrew Berwick. In the video, he describes the destruction of “cultural conservatism” as being a product of “Marxists” and “Multiculturalism.” He calls for conservatives to arm themselves while it is still legal to acquire arms, and claims leftist elites are “importing votes” through immigration.

Here’s more:

On Saturday, Norway’s TV2, citing police sources, reported that the suspect uploaded a video to YouTube and a 1,500-page manifesto, written in English, to the Norwegian Web site just hours before the attacks.

Both the manifesto, “2083: A European Declaration of Independence,” and the YouTube video were signed “Andrew Berwick,” an apparent Anglicization of Anders Breivik. Both also make extensive reference to the Crusades and the supposed threats to Christian Europe posed by Muslim immigrants and leftist political leaders

The video’s captions call on conservatives to “embrace martyrdom.” The text also says that if “the multiculturalist elites of Europe continue to refuse to voluntarily transfer political and military power to our conservative revolutionary forces,” then World War II “is likely going to appear as a picnic compared to the coming carnage.”

The video’s extensive text also bemoans the fact that postwar “Europe never had any politicians of the McCarthy caliber.” It complains of “the demonization of cultural conservatives” and the “persecution and vilification of nationalists” by “liberal elites,” who are described as “cultural Marxists.”

An image of President Obama appears at one point in the video, as the text describes a strategy of cultural Marxists to “systematically vilify ancestral heroes and instead glorify new, more appropriate ‘idols’ who adhere to Marxism.”

This is absolutely chilling. What seems shocking to Norwegians is common place in American political discourse. Don’t believe me? Watch the video above in full. Replace references to Europe or European with America or American.

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Norway attacks: Utøya gunman boasted of links to UK far right

The disclosure of Breivik’s claimed links with far-right organisations came as details continued to emerge about the rightwing Christian fundamentalist and Freemason behind Norway’s worst postwar act of violence.

It was revealed that the 32-year-old former member of the country’s conservative Progress party – who had become ever more extreme in his hatred of Muslims, leftwingers and the country’s political establishment – had ordered six tonnes of fertiliser in May to be used in the bombing. While police continued to interrogate Breivik, who was charged with the mass killings, evidence of his increasingly far-right world-view emerged from an article he had posted on several Scandinavian websites, including Nordisk, a site frequented by neo-Nazis, far-right radicals and Islamophobes since 2009.

The Norwegian daily VG quoted one of Breivik’s friends, saying that he had become a rightwing extremist in his late 20s and was now a strong opponent of multiculturalism, expressing strong nationalistic views in online debates.

Breivik had talked admiringly online about conversations he had had with unnamed English Defence League members and the organisation Stop the Islamification of Europe (SIOE) over the success of provocative street actions leading to violence.

"I have on some occasions had discussions with SIOE and EDL and recommended them to use certain strategies," he wrote two years ago. "The tactics of the EDL are now to ‘lure’ an overreaction from the Jihad Youth/Extreme-Marxists, something they have succeeded in doing several times already."

This could be here.

And really, I’m tired of this assertion that “he’s not a real Christian.” Fine. He’s a right-wing extremist. He ranted about Muslims, Marxists, leftists, and the importance of a strong sense of nationalistic exceptionalism. If he weren’t a mass murderer, he’d do well in Glenn Beck’s former time slot. Is that better?

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