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Very important information from Our Common Good on a reblog of this link. I’ve inserted some extra links and info:

August 9th is Election Day for:

  • Nancy Nusbaum [Facing Sen. Robert Cowles (R)] (Senate District 2)
  • Sandy Pasch [Facing Sen. Alberta Darling (R)] (Senate District 8)
  • Shelly Moore [Facing Sen. Shelia Harsdorf (R)] (Senate District 10)
  • Fred Clark [Facing Sen. Luther Olsen (R)] (Senate District 14) 
  • Jessica King [Facing Sen. Randy Hopper (R)] (Senate District 18)
  • Jennifer Shilling [Facing Sen. Dan Kapanke (R)] (Senate District 32)

August 16th is Election Day for: Jim Holperin (Senate District 12) and Bob Wirch (Senate District 22) (These are the two Democratic senators who were recalled)

If you are in Wisconsin, you can look up your voter registration and polling place location here.

No matter where you live, you can join this effort:

Background info on the recalls here. Currently, the Koch brothers and Tea Party Nation are dumping money and out-of-state organizers into Wisconsin. Judson Phillips, head of Tea Party Nation, is in Wisconsin claiming the unions/the left agenda "has killed billions of people" and is comparing Wisconsin protesters to Nazi storm troopers.

They’re against the ropes. Let’s go for the knockout. 

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