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Oh God…

Bill O and Monica Crowley just finished hollering about reverse racism because Barack Obama is encouraging African-American supporters to talk to people at their churches, and if Rick Santorum was to encourage white people to vote and talk to church members, then he’d supposedly be called a bigoted racist for encouraging white people to vote.

Alan Colmes just about shit a brick but pointed out that “there’s no association for the advancement of white people” because white people are the empowered political group. We went downhill from there.

O’Reilly: “Oh, so then you have more leeway, then, to appeal to a minority group to help you than the majority? Is that written down anywhere?” 

Colmes: “No, that’s accepted.”

Crowley: “So since it’s a double standard but it’s accepted, it’s okay?”

O’Reilly: “As far as politically correct acceptibility in this country, if you’re a minority group you can rally around anybody, but if you’re a white guy, you can’t. And that’s basically true.”

Crowley: “It’s this huge double standard, and a huge hypocrisy, but this is the way it is, and unless we call them out on it, they’ll continue to get away with it.”

Poor Alan Colmes. You can’t convince a couple of bigots that reverse racism doesn’t exist. You just can’t.

But God love you for trying, Alan.

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The GOP Debate is starting in 15 min.

And Bernie Goldberg is showing off a picture of him with Ice Cube on Bill O’Reilly. And called him Ice-T.

He and Bill O’Reilly are complaining about Mitt Romney’s whiteness getting pointed out by the NYT’s Lee Siegel. They’re complaining about the race card on MLK Day.

Bill O’Reilly: “Isn’t it a shame we have to talk about this on Martin Luther King Day?”
Bernie Goldberg: “Progressives still see things through a prism of race. It’s pathetic on this day.” 
Bernie Goldberg: “Certain kinds of liberals yell racism whenever we disagree with Barack Obama… They’re trashing the meaning of racism.”

The debate hasn’t even started yet… FML

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Wherein Megyn Kelly calls pepper spray a “food product” and she and Bill-O wonder what the big deal is with students getting doused at UC Davis. 

I fucking knew someone was going to go there. I called it this week:

So I was a little wrong - Congress didn’t do it, Fox News did. Folks, I’m being sarcastic. I bet I’m not the only one to make that joke, but it was a joke. Kinda like when Michele Bachmann ran with a joke I tagged “new conspiracy theory” exactly one month prior.

If pepper spray is a food product, then so is ethanol fuel. It’s from corn, right? Would you guys drink that? How about little pepper spray on your scrambled eggs with an ethanol chaser? Hmmm?

It’s just a food product, wahhh


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