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Antigay Survey a Fumble for Prep Football Coach

A high school football coach in Wyoming has resigned after giving his players a joke survey filled with homophobic and sexist language.

The Johnson County school board in Buffalo this week accepted the resignation of head coach Pat Lynch, who had distributed the questionnaire, titled “Hurt Feelings Report,” before a playoff game last month, the Casper Star-Tribune reports. Lynch, however, will retain his guidance counselor position at Buffalo High School under administrative supervision.

The survey, under a list of reasons for hurt feelings, includes such choices as “I am a queer,” “I am a pussy,” “I am a little bitch,” and “I have woman like hormones.” It asks for the name of the “little sissy filing report” and his “girly-man signature,” plus the “real-man signature” of the person accused of causing hurt feelings.

Yep. They’re still letting him counsel high school students. I am horrified. You can view the survey here. I used to live in Buffalo, and I’m sure the board thinks they’re playing it safe.

They’re not.

Imagine needing to talk to someone, being gay, and knowing your counselor thinks this is hilarious. This is bullying and intimidation. A petition was just started to get him fired. Sign here. Please.

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