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Twilight: the illusion of choice


Cynical Idealism: Twilight: the illusion of choice.


It’s funny because Stephanie Meyer has said this about Bella and feminism :she isn’t “a negative example of empowerment”. After all, “The foundation of feminism is this: being able to choose.” Ultimately, says Meyer, what Bella does is up to Bella.

Which is downright laughable. Yes feminism is about choice, but does Bella have that? Not at all. At every turn someone is making decisions for her and that someone is usually a man. Edward is cutting her break cables, watching her sleep, filling out her college applications, and telling her who she can and can’t see.

Does that sound like choice to you? Sure if Bella wants to have a family that’s all well and good, but don’t pretend like she chose that on her own. Edward was always there watching her, telling her what’s best for her and what she really wants. Making her believe that wanting sex was wrong, because as a teenager and a girl you can’t want it because it makes you impure and not worthy.

Hey Stephanie Meyer, how about you put down that pen and pick up a fucking book. 



Here is the explanation for why Twilight has nothing to do with feminism. Nothing. DO YOU HEAR ME STEPHANIE MEYER?

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