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Flag bill clears Wyoming House committee

Rep. Gerald NotGay continues his asshattery and government interference:

House Bill 204, titled “Patriotism in the Classroom,” cleared the committee on a 5-3 vote. Its prime sponsor is Rep. Gerald Gay, R-Casper.

Gay could not attend the committee meeting.

According to his colleague, Rep. Bob Brechtel, R-Casper, Gay decided to introduce the bill after he visited a school classroom and noticed the absence of a flag.

The teacher then pointed to a tiny flag “on a toothpick” stuck on the top of the blackboard.

The bill as it stands requires only a standard-sized flag. It also requires students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in the first period of the day.

Oh, and any student who wishes to not say the pledge is singled out by being required to leave the room quietly while the real Americans chant. Seriously. They have to leave. I can see Gerald NotGay showing up with his shotgun and yelling: “Hey, you! Jehovah’s witness kid! GTFO, you unpatriot while we chant the chant of the godly land!”

This is what we have to waste our time on. Mandating the recitation of the pledge and display of the official regulation flag of the country, whilst casting the heathen offensive ones aside. Gerald NotGay, our Dear Leader, shall carry us henceforth upon his brawny demi-god shoulders into the future.

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