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Right-Wing Claims Obama’s New Campaign Slogan Reveals His Secret Communist And/Or Fascist Allegiances

Seriously. Instead of hope and change, Obama’s new slogan is simply “Forward” — cue the batshit!

From ThinkProgress:’s Joel Pollak explained that the “Forward” “borrows…from decades of communist iconography.” Pollak checks off a litany of scary historical world leaders whose lineage Obama is supposedly following, from Marx, Stalin, and Mao, to Benito Mussolini, to Thabo Mbeki, the former president of South Africa. “Communist leaders frequently used — and still use — the word ‘forward,’” he notes.

The Washington Times also sees a “rich association with European Marxism,” quoting at length from Wikipedia to prove the point.

Meanwhile, ever-hyperbolic blogger Jim Hoft went straight for Hitler, writing that “Forward” was a “marching song of the Hitler youth.” He added a helpful illustration of Hitler Youth wearing Obama pins.

Communist? Marxist? Seriously?

ThinkProgress also notes: “In 2003, George W. Bush announced a new strategy for U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East called the ‘forward strategy of freedom’ to promote democracy.”

Ah, but I have one better. But what about Willard “Marx” Romney, the presumptive GOP nominee? What did his middle initial stand for originally? Doubtful it was Mitt. So what else could it be? Hmmmm?

But I digress. Let’s get to the Communist part instead! You know, the one where he talks about moving America forward.

His speech, “An American Century,” at the Citadel in 2011:

"Today, I want you to join me in looking forward. Forward beyond that next Recognition Day, beyond Ring Weekend to four years from today, October 7th, 2015."

There’s that word. But he’s been using it for awhile now.

CPAC 2009:

"We will find strength in each other, and answer our opponents with good will and honest words. And we will go forward – confident in our beliefs, and certain of victories to come."

Ooh, and CPAC 2007:

"If we in this room will simply march forward we can propel America’s growth and prosperity to lead to the world. If we in this room lift up our eyes, we will lift the spirit of the nation."

Who’s the communist now, comrades? </sarcasm>

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