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Women are God’s most beautiful creatures. After the white-tailed deer and the swan.

Wyoming’s own professional creeper, Foster Friess, making an offhand comment to NBC News after a group of women gave him directions in the lobby of a hotel in Aspen, Colo. Seriously. Here’s the context:

NBC News intersected Friess as he walked with other donors from the lobby of an Aspen hotel to a nearby restaurant. He wore a white straw-style cowboy hat and paused to ask directions of locals. A group of women pointed him in the right direction. ’Women are God’s most beautiful creatures,’ he said as they walked away. ‘After the white-tailed deer and the swan.’ Friess was scheduled to meet on Wednesday afternoon with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, to whom he said he would write a check.”

In summary, one of the largest donors to the GOP thinks women are “creatures” versus big, burly menfolks, and slightly below white-tailed deer and swans. Probably because we’re big ol’ sluts, amirite?! At least according to Foster.

In my day, also known as the present, women are free to use contraception and have sex. Or not. If you can’t handle that, perhaps you should stick an aspirin between your teeth and hold it there. It’ll keep you from staying stupid shit and it isn’t that costly.

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