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Wyoming Rep. Hans Hunt to fellow citizen: If you care about what we do here, GTFO

Wyomingite and Universalist Minister Audette Fulbright wrote her representatives to express her concerns about expanding carry laws in schools and fracking. As she wrote: “Here is the response I got from Rep. Hans Hunt:”

“Rev. Fulbright,

“I’ll be blunt. If you don’t like the political atmosphere of Wyoming, then by all means, leave. We, who have been here a very long time (I am proudly 4th generation) are quite proud of our independent heritage. I don’t expect a ‘mass exodus’ from our state just because we’re standing up for our rights. As to your comments on fracking, I would point out that you’re basing your statement on ‘dangers’ that have not been scientifically founded or proved as of yet.

“It offends me to no end when liberal out-of-staters such as yourself move into Wyoming, trying to get away from where they came from, and then pompously demand that Wyoming conform to their way of thinking. We are, and will continue to be, a state which stands a head above the rest in terms of economic security. Our ability to do that is, in large part, to our ‘live and let live’ mentality when it comes to allowing economic development, and limiting government oversight. So, to conclude, if you’re so worried about what our legislature is working on, then go back home.


Hans Hunt

Representative Hans Hunt
House District 02”

Yes, that happened.

My reply:

“Dear Rep. Hunt,

Regarding your recent email to Rev. Fulbright – Serving in the legislature is a privilege, not a birthright, and you serve all your constituents, even if they just moved here yesterday. You were a Wyomingite by accident. Over 60% of us, according to the last survey, were born somewhere else and become Wyomingites by choice.

If you’re incapable of playing well with others, perhaps it’s you that needs to go back home.

Meg Lanker-Simons”

I’ll just leave his email here:

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Considering a “communist, Muslim dictator” isn’t running for anything, I’d say that’s a big N-O. 
I know the internet can be bright and scary, but communist? Really? Nothing says communism like kowtowing to Wall Street, big business, and the oil industry again and again.
And pro-tip for life: CAPS LOCK is not cruise control for cool, nor does it mean Jesus can hear you better. It just makes you look ridiculous.

Considering a “communist, Muslim dictator” isn’t running for anything, I’d say that’s a big N-O. 

I know the internet can be bright and scary, but communist? Really? Nothing says communism like kowtowing to Wall Street, big business, and the oil industry again and again.

And pro-tip for life: CAPS LOCK is not cruise control for cool, nor does it mean Jesus can hear you better. It just makes you look ridiculous.

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Official Notice of Eviction


District Court Ejectment/Eviction Case Number: 028-CV-032012


  • Name: Uteri
  • Address: Usually south of the Fallopian Tubes, North of the Vagina
  • City, State, Zip: State of Exasperation, Wherever Uterused-Americans reside


  • Name: The Republican Party
  • Address: The uteri of Uterused-Americans
  • City, State, Zip: State of Misogyny, wherever Uterused-Americans reside

The sheriff is voters are scheduled to evict you on [date]: 11/06/2012 


  • Once the sheriff begins voters begin the eviction, any personal property that you leave in the premises is considered abandoned. The tenant does not have any right to re-enter the property or re-claim any property after the eviction begins.
  • Any abandoned property may be disposed of by the landlord at any time after the eviction begins. The landlord is strictly prohibited from putting the abandoned property in the street, the sidewalk, alleys, or any public property.

This is the final notice of the date of the eviction that you will receive.

I hereby certify that I posted a completed copy of the above notice on the premises described above on [date]: March 20, 2012.

Name: Meg Lanker-Simons (Uterused-American)   Date: 3/20/2012

(Insert your name and voilà — Instant eviction notice!)

(Source: cognitivedissonance)

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Democracy is the only system that persists in asking the powers that be whether they are the powers that ought to be

Unmasked by a debate on so-called “social issues” the super majority turn outs to be big government folks. They actually want bigger government, a government so big they can use it to replace our individual rights with their own personal religious and moral views. Their big government goals were summarized by Frank Peasley (R-Douglas) who argued for their definition of marriage. I think all this is, is an outpost in culture that says, ‘Listen, I feel like you’re destroying everything else that I have,…just let me define the relationship I’m in, OK?”

And so it is. Elected officials using their positions of trust and power in state government to define the relationship they happen to be in as the only relationship any of us can have. 

How much bigger can any government get?

Government intrusion is only government intrusion when it doesn’t involve GLBTQ Wyomingites, my right to refuse to say the pledge, and my uterus. Hypocrites. How much more intrusive can you get? (That wasn’t a challenge)

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Michigan assistant AG fired after targeting openly gay student leader

Andrew Shirvell “repeatedly violated office policies, engaged in borderline stalking behavior and inappropriately used state resources,” Cox said.

The lawyer for Chris Armstrong, the university’s student body president, lauded the decision by Cox to axe Shirvell.

"It’s inexplicable — he knows nothing about Chris," attorney Deborah Gordon said on CNN’s "AC 360" about Shirvell, who claimed that Armstrong was a "racist, elitist liar" and "privileged pervert."

"We’re very gratified that justice was done … and, for the time, Shirvell is going to be held responsible," Gordon said.

Shirvell’s lawyer, Philip J. Thomas, acknowledged his client’s termination to CNN but did not comment further. He told the Detroit Free Press that his client was “devastated” by Cox’s announcement, claiming that Shirvell’s bosses gave him positive reviews and knew of his activities outside work.

"This smells political to me," Thomas told the newspaper. "There’s been a tremendous piling-on against Andrew. The liberal media started this tempest in a teapot."

Gordon responded by telling CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday night that she felt it was “pathetic and lame for (Shirvell) to be whining about being bullied.”

In late September, Cox defended Shirvell’s authoring of a blog titled “Chris Armstrong Watch” that railed against the college senior and sociology major.

"Here in America, we have this thing called the First Amendment, which allows people to express what they think and engage in political and social speech," Cox told CNN. "He’s clearly a bully … but is that protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution? Yes."

But in Monday’s announcement, Cox said he concluded that Shirvell’s dismissal was warranted due to actions “unbecoming a state employee” that went beyond the blog.

Cox said he wasn’t firing Shirvell for “exercising … First Amendment rights, (however) unpopular (the) positions might be,” but for persistent and personal harassment.

According to Cox, Shirvell showed up at Armstrong’s home three times — including once at 1:30 a.m. Cox said that this early morning visit, especially, showed that Shirvell was intent on harassing Armstrong, not just exercising his right to free speech

I vigorously defend the First Amendment, but damn, it’s about time for this asshat to get canned.

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Anonymous asked: If your going to make fun of Twilight, I have to unfollow. Those books saved my life and made me believe in love again. Don't be a snob. I now have an incredible bf I would die for and it's because I believed in love. There's snark and then there's tearing apart someone's reason to live. I totally understood Bella, okay? AND SHE IS A REAL CHARACTER!!

Seriously, I would think someone was punking me if I didn’t just lose a follower. 

I’m tired, so I’ll let others explain. If you are unfollowing me because I really, truly despise Twilight:

funny GIFs - NPH is never out of the success zone

How old are you? And how does that book make you believe in true love?

Here’s a helpful guide. And another one.

That said, if you sympathize with Bella, I hope it’s not because you have a similar boyfriend to hers. Bella IS an empty character who spends all her time moping, trying to get Edward to make her a vampire [SPOILER ALERT: That’s an abstinence metaphor!], sighing over how perfect Edward is, or whining because she can’t see Edward.

Yeah, but not really. The hostility I have towards these books is very simple: It’s full of glittery abuse and domestic violence, plus it’s written so poorly, I’m convinced it was published just to see if anyone would buy it. Stephanie Meyer needs to forget shift+F7 ever existed.

Those books aren’t love. They’re about sparkling, stalking vampires who play baseball and are afraid of sex. It’s over 2,000 pages of misogyny and abuse.

And I’m spent. 

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Alotta white guys say, “Hey man, that’s not fair. You can say whatever you want. You can say nigger!” Yeah, when I last checked, that was the only advantage I had to being black. You wanna switch places? You scream nigger and I’ll raise interest rates.

Chris Rock, Kill the Messenger (2008) (via spokenbeats) (via so-treu) (via robot-heart-politics) (via savagemike) (via stfuconservatives)

Dr. Laura went off on her show today. For reference:

CALLER: So it’s OK to say “nigger”?

SCHLESSINGER: — and not enough sense of humor.

CALLER: It’s OK to say that word?

SCHLESSINGER: It depends how it’s said.

CALLER: Is it OK to say that word? Is it ever OK to say that word?

SCHLESSINGER: It’s — it depends how it’s said. Black guys talking to each other seem to think it’s OK.

CALLER: But you’re not black. They’re not black. My husband is white.

SCHLESSINGER: Oh, I see. So, a word is restricted to race. Got it. Can’t do much about that.

There, Dr. Laura. THERE’S your ANSWER, you ragged old hag. 

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