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Harry Reid to Reporter: ‘That’s a Clown Question, Bro’

Just awesomeness from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in response to whether or not Democrats in the U.S. Senate will force another vote on the DREAM Act to make Republicans “go on the record” about immigration. Here’s why it’s a clown question: The GOP has filibustered it twice already.

I think they’re on the record regarding immigration and the DREAM Act.

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With lawmakers still at an impasse over increasing the debt ceiling, a special team of 40 eighth-grade civics teachers was air-dropped into Washington earlier today in a last-ditch effort to teach congressional leaders how the government’s legislative process works. ‘We started them off with the basics, like the difference between a senator and a representative, and then moved on to more complex concepts, like what a resolution is,’ Bozeman, MT social studies teacher Heidi Rossmiller told reporters as all 535 members of Congress copied down the definition of ‘checks and balances’ from a whiteboard in the House chamber. ‘It’s been a bit of an uphill battle, since most of them seemed to have no real sense of how or why a bill is passed, and Sen. [Harry] Reid [D-NV] had to come up to me during a break and ask, ‘Ms. Rossmiller, what happens if Congress can’t reach a compromise?’ But hopefully it will all start to sink in soon.’ At press time, an unruly House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) had noisily stormed out of a lecture on bipartisan cooperation, claiming it was ‘too hard.’
The Onion, "Emergency Team Of 8th-Grade Civics Teachers Dispatched To Washington"

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