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Homelessness is not a crime. I’ve got to have the legal right (to question or take anyone into custody). We can’t just take people to somewhere they don’t want to go. I can’t do that. I won’t do that.

Interim Police Chief Ruben Santiago taking a stand on the city council’s plan to criminalize homelessness in downtown Columbia, S.C. by pushing the homeless to a shelter just barely in the city limits. 

According to The State, Santiago also said his department cannot transport homeless adults to the riverfront shelter to get services nor will police tell them they would be charged with a nuisance offense should they refuse. The law, which is likely unconstitutional, aims to bus the homeless out of the downtown area to a shelter that would have infrequent transportation services and require signing in and out. 

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Hawaii has a serious homelessness problem—so now it wants to pass that problem off to the rest of the country. Having reached the highest rate of homelessness in the U.S., lawmakers in paradise have decided to try a new tactic for getting people off the streets: flying them to the mainland. Yes, instead of setting aside money for more shelters or outreach programs, Hawaii’s state legislator has approved a $100,000 fund to offer about 17,000 homeless people one-way tickets off the islands.

The “return-to-home” program is idealistically billed as a way to help people stuck on the island reach family or job opportunities. The program may be labeled “voluntary” but, as in other cities with similar programs, like New York and San Francisco, homeless people who get arrested could wind up faced with the option of jail or the one-way flight, regardless of whether that person has better opportunities elsewhere.

Hawaii Flies Its Homeless Away and Other Ideas from the Fringe" | The Daily Beast

Because a one-way plane ticket is easier than addressing structural inequality and poverty, amirite?

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Ft. Lauderdale To Offer Homeless Free Rides Out Of Town

Just in time for the holidays, the City of Ft. Lauderdale has come up with a way to help the homeless who have relatives in other parts of the country who are willing to take care of them.

Tuesday, the Ft. Lauderdale city commission approved a $25,000 program which will buy them one-way bus tickets out of town. The program won’t cost taxpayers a dime.  It’s being paid for by the Florida Law Enforcement Trust Fund, which is money confiscated from criminals.

Vice Mayor Bobby DuBose was the only commissioner to vote against the program, saying he believes that there are other ways the money could be used to help the homeless.  He said he was also concerned that some homeless people may take advantage of the program and use it as a cheap vacation.

So this is one way on not dealing with a problem…

I love the charge homeless people might take a cheap vacation. It’s just such a dick thing to say, particularly after you point out the money could be used in other ways to deal with homelessness. Right now, it seems the two ways communities deal with homeless are either criminalizing it via laws regarding loitering, etc. or by sweeping them from the community.

Homeless people are still people. I’ve nearly been there. We still hover close to the edge. Many of our homeless are veterans, GLBTQ youth, mentally ill, etc. - or people who’ve fallen on rough times in a terrible economy.

You don’t lose your humanity when you lose your home. How hard is that to understand?

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