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CNN breaks the fourth wall forever

CNN just interviewed Jim-Bob Duggar. You know, that guy from 19 Kids and Counting on TLC? He warrants an interview because he and 12 of his J-named children piled into Iowa to campaign for Rick Santorum.

Oh yes they did. They’re now hanging out at Rick Santorum HQ with Erick Erickson of CNN is killing my love of the caucuses with their holograms and Jim-Bob Duggar.

That’s it, guys. We’ve crossed the fourth wall. Politics is reality television and reality television is politics. I shudder to think what will happen if we vote American Idol-style.

Just get Santorum rolling on gay people and abortions. He has no range!

At least it’ll be an endless supply of jokes. Wolf Blitzer was playing with the holographic Iowa and actually said, “We’ve got a little Santorum on the screen over here.” 

I still haven’t entirely recovered from the giggle fit that ensued.

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Iowa Caucus coverage

MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News have exciting sound effects. They have fancy graphics. MSNBC is analyzing the campaign strategy of Rick Santorum in regards to his stops at Pizza Ranch - a chain owned by an evangelical Christian. There’s speculation on whether their patrons are going to throw the caucus.

This place may decide Iowa.
I’m a big deal, okay?!


Token pundit: “I guarantee 80% of Iowa patrons of Pizza Ranch will vote for Santorum!”
Ed Schultz: "Well, Pizza Ranch is known in the Midwest as affordable food. It’s the food of the working man! Santorum knows this!" 

It’s currently a threesome: Ron Paul with 23%, Mitt Romney with 23%, and Rick Santorum with 23% - but only 22% of the voters are counted. Soledad O’Brien is breathlessly reporting how results will be written on the official whiteboard in Clive, shouting into the mike as if she’s in a war zone. CNN is lost in a holographic imagery maze encased in flat-screens breaking it down by evangelicals both young and old, by candidate, and - I’m pretty sure this is coming - Pizza Ranch support. Wolf Blitzer praised his co-commentator for her “fabulous flick” and promised us more flicking.

Meanwhile, C-SPAN is covering the caucus at Urbandale’s Gloria Dei Lutheran Church. A first-time caucus attendee for Ron Paul drowsily described the caucus as “a very informal process where we, you know, just write out our votes on a single sheet of paper and pass them into a bucket.” A Rick Santorum supporter says he voted for Santorum to stop “European-style socialism” - a Newt talking point.

Treynor, Iowa just adjourned on C-SPAN 2 with the chair awkwardly wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

If you want to know what a caucus is really like, tune into C-SPAN. It’s not as exciting as you might think if all you paid attention to was sound effects. 

I love the election cycle.

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Diversity creates conflict. We can’t celebrate diversity because it creates conflict.

Rick Santorum at a campaign event in Ottumwa, Iowa.


This is probably the best “I’m really scared of change” quote ever. It’s a shit cupcake, frosted with fear, and topped off with teeny-tiny white Dominionist Christian sprinkles.

This sign from a Santorum supporter in Iowa explains so much:

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The Tea Party voter guide for Iowa

First, pro-tip for the Tea Party: When you send out a voter guide, spell the names of the candidates correctly.

From the Tea Party Issues Ballot Guide - Iowa Edition:


  • Which candidate do you support for President?
  • Mitt Romney
  • Rick Santorum
  • Buddy Roemer
  • Michelle [sic] Bachman [sic] (Guys, it’s “Michele Bachmann”)
  • Ron Paul
  • Newt Gingrich  
  • Rick Perry
  • John [sic] Huntsman (Again, spell-check: It’s “Jon”)  
  • Other (write in)

Their chosen issues are just a titch terrifying. And putting instructions in all caps makes me think you’re screaming at me.

Wait… this is the Tea Party.

Anyhow, here’s their chosen issues. My comments are in bold and bracketed:


Balanced budget amendment [You know those wars you are all so fond of? Couldn’t and wouldn’t happen with this.]

Balance budget by reducing spending to a level equal to our tax revenues [We’d be boned. You know who did that, by the way? A Democrat. President Bill Clinton balanced the budget.]

Reduce spending by elimination of waste, fraud and abuse in the Federal Government.

Cut taxes. [Because that will totally work, considering the Bush tax cuts put us in the black. Wait…]

Enact the fair tax. [Cool. So GE is gonna pay taxes? Oh, not that kind of fair tax…]

Enact a consumption tax, IE a national sales tax. [I think you’re looking for “i.e.” - “IE” is the shitty browser most of you likely use.]

Repeal the 16th Amendment (the income tax amendment) [And fund government how? Magic fairy dust?]

Repeal Obamacare [You mean The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act?]

Require any Supreme Court Justice to be prolife [Unbiased, independent judiciary says what?]

Abolish the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. [Um, no. You guys can’t get rid of a circuit because they made you sad and angry in your face.]

Abolish the Judgeships of activist judges [Hey, that’ll totally guarantee an independent judiciary. That’s not like a dictatorship at all </sarcasm>. Besides, you can’t just abolish their judgeship because reasons.]

Oppose Federal Tort Reform and protect the 7th Amendment (Civil Jury Trials)

Overturn Roe V. Wade

Increase Defense spending to at least the levels in years of the Bush administration. [And yet, you want to cut taxes and get rid of the income tax altogether. Oh, and defense spending under Obama increased. So that would be a decrease. See the chart below. True facts, y’all]

Withdraw from Afghanistan [Hooray rationality!]

Surge troops in Afghanistan so that the Taliban is defeated. [And there it goes. Ask Russia and Britain how the whole Afghanistan thing went.]

Start all foreign aid at zero. [Even Israel?]

Eliminate foreign aid. [Foreign aid = very tiny portion of our budget. Particularly against defense spending. Chart time!]

[Look! You can barely see the green bar!]

Stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. [Probably with magic fairy dust. Because that seems to be the only way to guarantee it. It’s not like Obama just sanctioned the hell out of Iran or anything…]

Work for regime change in Iran through covert action. [It’s not covert now </sarcasm>]

Impose trade sanctions on China [You know that’s where all the shit in Wal-Mart comes from, right?]

Support the Death Penalty [They support it so hard it becomes a proper noun.]

Oppose and defeat the “Internet free speech kill switch.” [Even a broken clock is right twice a day.]

Abolish the EPA [But for the other 1,438 minutes in the day, that broken clock is wrong. Who needs clean air anyhow? Smog builds character.]

Abolish the Department of Education [Book learnin’ is for socialists.]

Abolish the Department of Energy [Who needs safe energy development? Coal mine accidents = job openings, right? </sarcasm>] 

Repeal NAFTA and other free trade agreements. [I could deal…]

Increase Free trade agreements. [And there y’all go again with the whole irrationality thing…]

Reinstate Don’t ask Don’t Tell [Why? Because gay soldiers are fighting the War on Christmas, that’s why.]

Leave the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell intact. [You’re just bullshitting me now.]

Work to repeal Gun Control laws and protect the Second Amendment against state restrictions. [Hint: Gun rights expanded under Obama. Guns in federal parks, gun bans struck down in several cities, assault rifle ban NOT reinstated as Obama said it would be, etc. Plus, we just bought a record amount of guns as Christmas gifts this year. I’m going to quit joking about the War on Christmas now.]

Secure the Border [Oh, boy. This one’s always, um, entertaining.]

Have selective removal of illegal aliens [By what? Lottery? Church attendance?]

Remove all illegal aliens. [Because that’s not prohibitively expensive, especially after we get rid of taxes.]

Abolish birthright citizenship. [It’s not like it’s in the US Constitution or anything. Because it is. For supposed strict constitutionalists, you all sure like to dick with the US Constitution.]

Repeal Dodd-Frank [Regulations caused the financial crisis, right?]

Repeal Sarbanes Oxley [This was an act to increase corporate accountability in the wake of Enron and other scandals. Essentially, this means CEOs can be held responsible for fraud or otherwise cooked books. Sounds terrible.]

Repeal oppressive business regulations. [What else is left? The minimum wage? Oh, right… Remember, if things they don’t like aren’t repealed, Tea Party Nation believes businesses should stop hiring in protest. Really.]

If you’d like to submit your vote, it’s still open. I encourage you to do so.

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