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Anti-abortion protesters flock to Wyoming

Not gonna lie, if I didn’t have to work all week, I’d head to Jackson:

Rusty Thomas of Waco, Texas, is spokesman for Operation Save America. He said Wednesday he expects his group will bring about 50 people to Jackson.

Thomas said both his and the Milwaukee group are part of an effort by around 15 ministries that are targeting Wyoming as part of their “States of Refuge” project. He said they intend to make Wyoming one of the first states in which no doctors provide abortions. The groups have targeted Dr. Brent Blue of Jackson, saying he’s the only doctor in Wyoming who advertises that he provides the service.

"I think it would have tremendous ramifications," Thomas said of the possible effect of ending abortion in Wyoming. "I believe it would have a ripple effect, a domino effect. Spiritually, it would punch a hole in the sky, and begin to liberate America from blood guilt one state at a time."

Punch a hole in the sky? WTF? Anyhow…

Blue said Wednesday that while the protesters are exercising their right to free speech, he’s exercising his right to treat his patients legally.

Blue said he offers abortions to his patients the same as he performs vasectomies or prescribes birth control pills or medication for high blood pressure. “This is just part of our routine family practice, we’re not an abortion clinic,” Blue said. "I feel that women deserve the right to do what they want with their bodies, and they shouldn’t have to travel 150 miles to do it."

Blue said the closest other locations offering abortions are in Bozeman, Mont., and Salt Lake City. He said Jackson draws patients from all of western Wyoming and eastern Idaho.

Other doctors in Teton County also perform abortions but prefer not to announce it publicly, Blue said. He said he had 100 percent support from the local community last year when the protesters came to town, even from members of groups opposed to abortion.

Dr. Brent Blue is a goddamned hero. Thank you to him and all those who stand up to these people.

Yes, they’re exercising their right to free speech, as distasteful as their speech may be. I encourage anyone who wants to, ahem, counter their speech to be respectful and non-violent. The last thing we need to do is encourage the anti-choice whackadoodles. 

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