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The ad above, launched by opponents of an Anchorage anti-discrimination ordinance, is possibly one of the worst ads of the political cycle thus far. Background from Alaska Dispatch:

Despite broad support from donors and a new poll that favors their position, backers of a proposal to protect gay and transgender people from discrimination in Anchorage remained on the offensive Tuesday, blasting new opposition ads they said could lead to a backlash against the LGBTQ community and their allies.

Prominent supporters of Yes on 5 — One Anchorage joined forces at a press conference and said they want the TV cartoon ads and their “offensive” characters — the most outrageous depicts a burly man in high heels who brings a complaint against a daycare provider for not hiring him — stricken from the airwaves. Click here and here to see some of the other depictions.

"The ads opposing Proposition 5 depict unacceptably offensive and intentionally stigmatizing and distorted cartoons of gay and transgender individuals," said former Gov. Tony Knowles. "Such dehumanizing stereotypes do not represent the values we share as a community."

Not going to happen, said Jim Minnery, head of opposition group Protect Your Rights — Vote No on 5. He called the ads effective and said calls for their removal are helping him raise money because people are offended at the effort to squelch free speech.

And then, if Minnery didn’t appear intolerant enough, he explained the ads would remain on-air out of concern. Really:

Jim Minnery said the ad points out that because “transgender” isn’t defined in the ordinance, a scenario like the one portrayed in the commercial could play out under the law.

"I think it’s a shocking flaw in Prop. 5 and shows profound disrespect to voters that the authors didn’t feel it was important to provide a definition of transgender identity," Minnery said… Since the law doesn’t define transgender, why couldn’t it include a cross-dressing man, Minnery asked.

His group’s concern, he said, is that without a clear definition of transgender, someone who considers himself to be a different gender could require a business to accommodate him.

In addition to the threat to religious freedom he says is posed by the proposed ordinance, it “creates a whole set of legal issues for the municipality.”

See, he’s just a professional concern-troll looking out for your wellbeing! Aren’t you grateful? </sarcasm>.

Actually, Minnery doesn’t care if the message is inaccurate, because the cartoon is meant to grab attention. His justification: “You kind of have to cut to the chase; you have 30 seconds.”


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