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Catholic Bishop's Labor Day Statement 2013

Every human being enjoys a basic right to be respected, not because of any title, position, prestige, or accomplishment but first of all because we are created in the image and likeness of God. From an ethical and moral perspective we embrace the exhortation of St. Paul “to anticipate one another in showing honor” (Rom 12:10). Today’s competitive culture challenges us to strive for victory and advantage, but for St. Paul the challenge is to build each other up and honor one another’s innate dignity.

Labor Day is an opportunity to take stock of the ways workers are honored and respected. Earlier this year, Pope Francis pointed out, “Work is fundamental to the dignity of a person… . It gives one the ability to maintain oneself, one’s family, to contribute to the growth of one’s own nation.” Unfortunately, millions of workers today are denied this honor and respect as a result of unemployment, underemployment, unjust wages, wage theft, abuse, and exploitation.

Even with new indicators of some modest progress in recovery, the economy still has not improved the standard of living for many people, especially for the poor and the working poor, many of whom are unemployed or underemployed. More than four million people have been jobless for over six months, and that does not include the millions more who have simply lost hope. For every available job, there are often five unemployed and underemployed people actively vying for it. This jobs gap pushes wages down. Half of the jobs in this country pay less than $27,000 per year. More than 46 million people live in poverty, including 16 million children. The economy is not creating an adequate number of jobs that allow workers to provide for themselves and their families. Jobs, wages, and poverty are interrelated. The only way to reduce the widening gap between the affluent and the poorest people in our nation is by creating quality jobs that provide a just compensation that enables workers to live in the dignity appropriate for themselves and their families.

Right on. It’s not often I praise the Catholic Church for anything, but it’s lovely to see the Catholic Bishops moving back towards a message of social justice, versus one of exclusion. Not that I think this speaks for the church as a whole, but praise when it’s due, y’know? Pope Frank ain’t perfect, but he’s better than Emperor Palpatine Pope Benedict.

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Street Dogs - “There is Power in a Union”

"There is power in a democracy, power in the land

Power in the hands of a worker!
But it all amounts to nothing if together we don’t stand,
There is a power in a Union!

Now the lessons of the past were all learned with workers’ blood
The mistakes of the bosses we must pay for
From the cities to the farmlands in the trenches full of mud
Cuz war has always been the bosses’ way sir

The Union forever, defending our rights!
Let’s fight the Right Wing, all workers unite
With our brothers and our sisters from many far off lands
There is power in a Union!

Now I long for the time that they realize
Brutality and unjust laws cannot defeat us
But who’ll defend the workers who cannot organize
When the GOP send their attorneys out to cheat us?

Money speaks for money, the Devil for his own
Who’ll come speak for the skin and the bone?
What a comfort to widow, a light for the child
There is power in a Union!

The Union forever, defending our rights
Let’s fight the right-wing, all workers unite
With our brothers and our sisters from many far off lands
There is power in a Union!

With social justice and equality
For every man and woman who wants it
There is power in a Union!”

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