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TX mother kills self, injures children after food stamp denial

This is just tragic:

A desperate Texas mother who was denied food stamps is dead after taking a state welfare worker hostage and then taking her own life. According to police, Rachell Grimmer walked into a Laredo, TX welfare office with her two children Monday and pulled a gun. Over the course of the seven-hour standoff, Grimmer released her hostage but then fatally shot herself and wounded both of her children.

"They were all barefoot," said Esther Jaimes, who saw the family waiting at a gas station in October. "They looked dirty, like they hadn’t showered in days, and the little girl was holding a puppy. They were just looking around just trying to see if anyone would help them or something," she said.

The family of three moved to Laredo in July and lived in a small RV in extreme poverty.

Desperation can cause people to do horrible things. Reports also state she had attempted to qualify since July and was first denied because her 18 page application lacked some information, though what was lacking isn’t clear. Her mother said she may have been dealing with mental illness as well. This is an all-around awful event and I hope her children make a full recovery.

As a side note, the benefits in Texas are typically $294 a week for a family of three. It’s not much, but for many, it’s the difference between starvation and barely adequate sustenance. It’s horrifying that Rachell Grimmer felt she had to take the route of shooting herself and her children after this benefit was denied.

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