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There’s one big fact that’s not backed up. There is no proof that there’s ever anything like a gay, lesbian or bisexual or transgendered child, or teen or human. One of the other things you’re gonna see as I mentioned is a big campaign GLSEN’s gonna roll out this year calling for ‘respect,’ respect! Not just for people, but for homosexual lifestyle. The PR campaign to hold up gay as a good thing: the lifestyle, not the person, because there are no such humans.

Linda Harvey, founder of Mission America, an organization devoted to fighting homosexuality, witchcraft, and feminist theory. Seriously.

She made these comments on her weekend radio show. If you identify as a member of the LGBTQ community, and you’d like to let Linda Harvery know you exist, here’s some contact info:

Mission America


Organization’s phone: (760) 200-2707

Radio station phone: (614) 885-0880

Fax: (760) 200-8837 [If you just want to be a bothersome jackass, send them a 30 or 40 page fax of nothing but ███▓▓▓☻▓▓▓███ for pages, copy and pasted over and over. You will kill an ink cartridge with just a few faxes.]

Mail: Mission America Coalition
P.O. Box 13930 
Palm Desert, CA 92255


Mission America
P.O. Box 21836
Columbus, OH 43221-0836


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This ‘freedom’ will include much more than a perpetual pansexual pagan party. It will, and already does, include libel, slander, intimidation, corruption of youth, revolt in congregations, suppression of parental rights, revision of language, disease, loss of employment and loss of life. Oh, and did I mention public sex, the porn explosion and public nudity? Welcome to entitlement sex.

Linda Harvey, founder of Columbus, Ohio-based Mission America. Read the rest (if you must) here.

Guess what she does? That’s right, hit the metaphorical roof when marriage equality passes. Here’s her organization’s mission: Fighting against “Homosexuality, Neopaganism / Witchcraft, Fighting the “gay” Agenda in Schools, Homosexuality / Bisexuality, Witchcraft / Neopaganism, Feminist Theology / Goddess Worship, and Compromised Christianity

"Perpetual pansexual pagan party" does have some marvelous alliteration and a catchy vibe to it, no? Someone needs to make Linda’s worst fears come true and just play some disco while holding up a banner reading "Perpetual pansexual pagan party here!" while she’s doing her radio show. Check it out, there’s plenty of public sidewalk and a Frisch’s right across the way. So win? 


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