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This is a new McDonalds ad, and it’s really sexist..

Fuck this shit, the whole check something on the car? Guess what? I can change a tire, check my oil, and jump my car. I can fix shit. The jar? My fiancé only gets it open after I loosen it for him, yeah!

Seriously though, this implies that you aren’t a real man unless you eat crappy burgers and you must be stereotypically manly or be derided. Plus, women are weak and delicate little creatures and cannot function without said manly man who eats crappy burgers which are not suited for female consumption. 

This is ridiculous.  I mean, I will admit, I laughed at the “WELD!” moment, but overall this idea and this slogan is shite.  ”You’ll look like more of a man”… okay, so what about women who eat burgers?  We look manly?

Oh jesus, I’m just waiting for the female companion for this ad. 

McDonald’s Salad Wraps!  You can eat with just one hand, in case you need to make a sandwich, drive the kids to work, get groceries, clean the house, SHOP!, cry, have your period, shave all of your body hair, be romanced, or just point at things you’re too dainty to fix.  Salads:  Because you’ll look like more of a lass without a burger fattening your ass.

This comment wins ^^

I know it’s a joke, haha, but it’s a tired attempt at lame humor. Why not show him changing a diaper? Maybe cutting hair? In the grand scheme of things, this ad probably doesn’t matter much. But it’s just one more little sexist message to encounter over the day. 

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