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Mitt Romney released his birth certificate

And it’s an obvious fake. First, it has “VOID” stamped down the side. Second, it’s a photocopy - I could forge that in 10 minutes. Third, it is a “certificate of live birth.” Hey, birther websites question documentation of Obama’s birth there because Hawaii provided a “certification of live birth” and not a birth certificate. Turnabout is fair play.

After all, as Mother Jones points out:

The President’s certificate of live birth, reported Fox and Friends host Steve Doocy, “is not the exact birth certificate.” Sarah Palin suggested that the certificate of live birth was insufficient proof of citizenship.

As one leading conservative activist put it, “A ‘birth certificate’ and a ‘certificate of live birth’ are in no way the same thing, even though in some cases they use some of the same words.” That was Donald Trump.

What about this documentation? Is he claiming Gateway is lying? Or was this before he decided to illegitimately seek the presidency? Until he releases the long-form birth certificate, AND meets these demands, I’m still saying he’s a robot. They may say we’re roboters and dismiss it as robotism, but I won’t let that discourage me.

After all, I’m only seeking the truth. What’s more patriotic than that?

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Mitt Romney is a robot. I’m making this a thing.

 bulletinaweave replied to your post: ugh! obama can present his birth certificate a…

But the REAL question is what he did as an undergrad! Because, you know, after you’ve been to Ivy League schools, anyone ever gives a shit about your undergrad career…

Y’all are missing the real issue here. Barack Obama might be kicked off the ballot in Arizona because of birth certificate BS. But there’s a more insidious truth.

Supposedly, Mitt Romney is qualified to be president. But there’s no proof that he isn’t a robot. THINK ABOUT IT! He’s mechanical, gives inopportune/inappropriate reactions, appears to short out every now and again, lacks emotional depth, etc…

I demand Mitt’s birth certificate, testimony from his physician, and a complete physical exam — INCLUDING a full body wanding with a metal detector — at the very least. We don’t have a DNA test confirming him as an actual person — WHERE IS THE PROOF?! He should shave his head to demonstrate there is no serial number or bolts under his hair. Until then, who knows? Computers and science have come leaps and bounds with simulating humans. He could be a robot — AND A ROBOT CANNOT BE PRESIDENT.

Mitt’s father was born in Mexico and likely has ties there, plus, there’s Bain Capital and General Electric. Bear with me here…

Mitt is a robot assembled in Mexico at one of the maquiladoras, and that’s why elite conservatives rejected him — THEY KNOW THE TRUTH. After all, we have sent a lot of our U.S. factories just across the border, and Bain Capital has a financial stake in some of these companies. General Electric owns many of the factories along the border with Mexico, and has partnership financing with Bain Capital. Many of Bain Capital’s executives worked for GE. Mitt Romney played a leading role in Bain for years. WHAT ARE YOU REALLY BUILDING, GENERAL ELECTRIC? ROMNEYBOTS?!

We cannot place our future in the hands of a man who may not be a man at all, but instead, a heartless hunk of cold metal. It is imperative that we email Arizona’s Secretary of State Ken Bennett at — 1200 emails got him to seek Obama’s birth certificate. There’s over 10,000 of you following this site. 

Let’s do this. They may call us roboters, claim we’re subscribing to robotism, but it’s all a plot by the mainstream media to cover up who OR WHAT the real Mitt Romney is behind all that good hair and grinning. We must find the truth before it’s too late. Ever see the Terminator movies? SKYNET, Y’ALL!


Now, how’s that for a conspiracy theory? Get on it, World Net Daily.

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