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Things that exist, part deux: Movie Mom reviews New Moon

And we have Lautner’s excellent abs, which play such a significant role they should have their own billing. Lautner also has an easy confidence and sincerity on screen that nicely leavens the intensity and drama of the Bella-Edward connection. The screenplay is seasoned with some humor and a reference to self-referential cleverness that is almost meta.

Oh, dear. Movie Mom, we have a problem. You sound like a horny 15-year-old girl. WWJD, huh? Pretty sure you’re breaking that one commandment about having other gods before that really jealous one.

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Things that exist: Movie Mom reviews Twilight

Part of the appeal of the story is an almost-Victorian sense of repression, sacrifice, and longing, all so sincerely depicted it just might single-handedly bring back the swoon. Young girls can enjoy this story because of Bella’s sense of power — loving her so devotedly all but un-mans a creature designed to be “the world’s most dangerous predator.” Edward has the attributes of the adolescent ideal for romance since before the days of “Romeo and Juliet,” “Wuthering Heights” and “Titanic” — unconditional love, parental disapproval, and ultimate impossibility.

This whole review makes me want to sin. A lot. Thanks, Movie Mom!

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