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LEAKED EMAIL: Fox boss caught slanting news reporting

At the height of the health care reform debate last fall, Bill Sammon, Fox News’ controversial Washington managing editor, sent a memo directing his network’s journalists not to use the phrase “public option.”

Instead, Sammon wrote, Fox’s reporters should use “government option” and similar phrases — wording that a top Republican pollster had recommended in order to turn public opinion against the Democrats’ reform efforts.

Journalists on the network’s flagship news program, Special Report with Bret Baier, appear to have followed Sammon’s directive in reporting on health care reform that evening.

Sources familiar with the situation in Fox’s Washington bureau have told Media Matters that Sammon uses his position as managing editor to “slant” Fox’s supposedly neutral news coverage to the right. Sammon’s “government option” email is the clearest evidence yet that Sammon is aggressively pushing Fox’s reporting to the right — in this case by issuing written orders to his staff. 

And in news that’s not at all shocking…

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US Government Censors 70 Websites



The US is really ramping up its war on intellectual property infringement, a war which I’m sure will be just as successful, cheap and supported by the people as the wars on drugs and terrorism. The US has started seizing the domain names of various websites through ICANN - not because owners of these sites were convicted of anything, but merely because complaints have been filed against them. Anyone want to take a guess how long it will be before the US government blocks WikiLeaks? Update: The blocks function outside of the US too. In other words, the US is forcing its views upon the rest of the world once again.

The current seizures of domains did not even use the recently passed censorship law. The seizures come from the US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, and cover about 70 websites relating to potential copyright infringement and counterfeit goods, among which is, a mere torrent search engine which does not host or even link to torrents; it displays content hosted elsewhere through embedded iframes.

“My domain has been seized without any previous complaint or notice from any court!” the owner of Torrent-Finder explained TorrentFreak, “I firstly had DNS downtime. While I was contacting GoDaddy I noticed the DNS had changed. Godaddy had no idea what was going on and until now they do not understand the situation and they say it was totally from ICANN.”

This is equivalent to having your house seized for pointing out to someone you can buy weed in the college district. The craziness goes even further - ordinary search engines are really effective at finding unauthorised copyrighted content as well. You can use Google to find the latest Parenthood episode in 720p, and Bing, too, is pretty good at it. Why aren’t we seeing notices for these domains as well?

In the great words of Jack Black, the government totally you motherfucker, the government totally sucks.

Um, this is not the land of the free, home of the brave behavior, but I’m pretty sure we gave up on that a long time ago.

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Oct 14, 2010


This letter to the editor caught my eye today. It was published in the Kansas City Star this morning. I wanted to share it.

Death panel’ reversed

Recently, we had occasion to meet with a transplant team in a local medical center. One of the team members discretely mentioned a recent consequence of the dreaded Obamacare.

Earlier, an insurance company representing the center’s patient ordered its client’s name be removed from the transplant list. The patient had reached the maximum benefit caps.

Last week the insurance company was legally compelled to reinstate its client’s name. When the hospital notified the patient she was stunned and confused.

She sobbed, saying, “So the insurance company granted my appeal?”

“No,” came the reply. “The new health care law removed all caps on benefits.”

Apparently this restoration of hope is going on all over the country. Over the years, how many souls have wasted away while insurance company death panels played God?

Pro-life voters should consider this on Nov. 2. Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Fox News will never relay this information to them.

Norence A. and Gail Nelson

Waverly, Mo.

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