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Boehner: Romney’s Wealth Won’t Hurt Him Because ‘The American People Don’t Want To Vote For A Loser’

I do believe he just called anyone who’s not successful a loser. Exactly what is your definition of success? Those in the top 20%? The top 1%? Those not benefiting from government programs?

If the last point is the case, I’d like to introduce John Boehner to one of the biggest welfare queens in existence:

Meet Willard Mitt “Mittens” Romney. He’s used government programs and loopholes to reduce his taxes for years.

But that’s okay, right? Because at least he’s NOT POOR! What losers. Side note: You just know Boehner spells it “loosers” </sarcasm>

In summary:

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An open letter from Tea Party Nation to Speaker Boehner

So, the Tea Party is cool with vets not getting benefits, troops going unpaid, etc. all because of an ideological pissing contest? The quote from Charlie Sheen is the icing on the cake. The idea that the response to this gridlock is “Duh, winning” sums up everything I think about the Tea Party and their reason for existence. They don’t give a shit about this country - only winning. The shutdown would cost money, you people get that, right? Here’s a letter from Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation:

Dear Speaker Boehner,

As you know, I have been very critical of you in the last few weeks. I am sure you did not appreciate it when I said Charlie Sheen was making more sense than you. While I have been very unhappy with you, what I want is something I think you want and it is a phrase that Charlie Sheen has made famous. “Duh, winning.”

I want to win. I want the conservative Republicans to defeat the liberal Democrats because in this fiscal mess that we are in, if conservative Republicans defeat liberal Democrats, America wins.

Since it now looks like we are going into a government shutdown, this gives you the chance to step back and revisit the spending proposals and do something really worthwhile. Instead of cutting spending by $32 billion or $39 billion, lets do something radical. Let’s win by cutting spending by $300 billion. It’s a little short of the $1.65 trillion I want to see, but it is a good start.

How would this happen?

That is a good question. The liberal Democrats have acted like it is the end of the world, as we know it when we are talking about only $32 billion. How can we possibly win with $300 billion?

It is simple. A month ago, the Government Accounting Office, hundreds of billions of dollars could be saved by eliminating programs that have failed completely, are totally inefficient or are duplicative. Get the GAO report, and on Monday morning, tell the White House, this is your new budget proposal. $300 billion in cuts, all by eliminating waste and inefficiencies.

What will Obama, Pelosi and Reid do?

They will not like it, but how are they going to argue against cutting waste from the Federal Government? Americans of all stripes, conservative to liberal agree on one thing. They do not want their tax dollars wasted. Americans may disagree on how much spending there should be and what programs deserve funding and even what the tax rates should be, but I doubt you will find a single, sane American who is not offended at the idea of his or her tax dollars simply being wasted.

Over a month has passed since the GAO report came out. I have wondered why Republican Senators and Congressmen have not had fistfights over who got to introduce the legislation eliminating that spending.

So far, the Tea Party reaction to your tenure as Speaker has ranged from lukewarm to very displeased. In one stroke, you can change that. Move to eliminate $300 billion from this year’s budget through the elimination of waste, fraud and inefficiencies; you will have the Tea Party movement in the streets with signs reading “Boehner for President.”

This is a winning strategy. It helps America by dealing with our urgent debt and spending crisis and it helps conservative Republicans defeat liberal Democrats. It is a good plan and there is no reason not to go for it. Remember, “duh, winning!”

Judson Phillips, Founder of Tea Party Nation

Just a quick little side note from TPM:

Minutes after the crowd that was assembled at an Americans for Prosperity-backed Tea Party rally on Capitol Hill on Wednesday broke out into chants of “shut it down,” Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) claimed that the Tea Party doesn’t want the government to shut down and that Democrats would unfairly blame the movement if it did.

Nope, not unfairly, it appears. Cutting off your nose to spite your face isn’t winning. It’s losing, and losing big. Duh.

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