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Graphic anti-abortion ads air on Washington stations



A disturbingly graphic political ad is airing on local stations in Washington D.C. this week - and stations are telling viewers there’s nothing they can do to prevent it.

The ad, calling for an end to abortion, apparently shows bloody and dismembered fetuses, and has been airing over the past few days in the nation’s capital, including during afternoon and early-evening time slots, when children are likely to be watching.

But according to spokespersons for several of the broadcasters, they are required by law to carry the ads unaltered.

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Smith makes no apologies for the disturbing images in the ads, comparing them to the photos of Nazi concentration camps that forced the world to realize an awful truth.

‘I want everyone out there to watch,’ she said. ‘I believe that my priority is to save women from harm, and save babies from being murdered.’

^ I’m calling bullshit. So much bullshit. “Nazi concentration camps”? “Save women from harm”? “Save babies from being murdered”? “Child-killing”? Fucking seriously?

I have a higher calling”? Get the fuck over yourself,

Randall Terry was booted from Operation Rescue for being too extreme. Oh, and he celebrated the murder of Dr. George Tiller. Pro-life says what?

I bet these are the same people who would flip their collective shit if children could possibly see a kiss between same-sex characters during prime-time television. I’m almost sure of it…

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