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Listen to Cognitive Dissonance!

Hey folks! I’ll be chatting about the RNC happenings tonight on my radio show! If you missed the Election 2012 coverage of the action in Tampa, you can listen live tonight at 10 PM MST/ 12 AM EST and participate in a live-chat. I’ll be on-air and answering your questions about the RNC and playing interviews of Michael Steele and Meghan McCain with commentary, plus discussing what it was like to cover it for Tumblr. 

Want to know what it was like at the convention? Tune in just 2 hours from now! Oh, and I’ll be playing some sweet music too.



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Tumblr Brings Its Quirky, Fun, Serious, Goofy Style to the Conventions and Beyond


Tumblr’s election blog and correspondents get a shout-out on Forbes!

Alex Kantrowitz writes:

Last week in Tampa, Meg Lanker-Simons, a blogger on assignment for Tumblr, caught up with former RNC chairman Michael Steele outside a branch of Wet Willies, a chain mostly known for its assortment of slushy alcoholic drinks. Steele, sporting a blue suit, sneakers and an untucked shirt, stood on the sidewalk as he talked into Lanker-Simons’s voice recorder. “So, you know what, can you take the chill pill and relax about it a little bit?” he said, finishing an answer about his decision to host the Republican National Convention in hurricane prone Tampa. “The sun is out right now, I made a phone call, and it’s all good.”

The interview encapsulates the spirit of Tumblr. It is at once gritty, entertaining, informative and untraditional, a far cry from the sanitized stages and studios that dot the grounds of this year’s nominating conventions. And for Tumblr, that’s exactly the point. Throughout the conventions and continuing on until the votes are cast in November, Tumblr will be providing its own original coverage of the election. The coverage, already underway, tells the story of the 2012 election through a stream of animated gifs, Photoshop propelled memes, salient quotes and meaningful photography.

I really just want to high five all of you right now. Truly. Thank you for reading our coverage and thank you to Tumblr for this amazing opportunity. Now, back to your irregularly scheduled programming.

— Meg

I got mentioned by Forbes for my interview with Michael Steele. On the list of things I figured would happen in my life, this was not one of them. In all seriousness, I love their evaluation of the Tumblr election coverage. I’m stoked it’s getting recognized!

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Sandra Fluke’s Speech Made Republicans Crazy. Which Is Just What the Democrats Want [Slate]

These are some conservatives’ tweets in response to Sandra Fluke’s speech at the Democratic National Convention alongside the first comment I came across on the article

Like I said… keep talking.

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I met Deborah Bryant at the Channelside complex and asked whether or not Mitt Romney had flip-flopped on anything, what his advantage was over Barack Obama, and if she thought the base would unify around Mitt Romney.

She was serving in place of her husband, Gov. Phil Bryant, who had stayed in Mississippi because of Hurricane Isaac.

So, in anticipation of Romney’s big speech tonight, here’s her thoughts.

— Meg

She was so nice, honestly.

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Pro-Gay Marriage, Pro-Choice, Libertarian Clint Eastwood Is Anti-Hollywood RNC’s Surprise Speaker


Yes, the headline is the story. I spoke with a Sky News reporter who figured out the big secret when he heard the RNC band practicing the theme from The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

True story.

— Meg

The new Republican Party theme (besides the “you didn’t build that” fallacy)

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I interviewed Michael Steele at the Republican Nation Convention on August 28. Steele has been outspoken about the need to focus on bringing people into the Republican Party versus driving people away. We discuss the need for the GOP to reach out to minority voters and women, and the recent push for ideological purity at the expense of party unity.

And did you know he can control the sunshine?

(Photo by Chris Mohney of Tumblr)

— Meg

Seriously, he can control the sun. It’s truth.

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I interviewed Meghan McCain at the RNC in Tampa August 28. Topics included the War on Women, Todd Akin, and the perception of women in the political sphere. McCain also discussed the pressures of being a commentator who’s always in the public eye, and women’s sometimes distorted body image. We also touched on why it’s dangerous for the GOP to seek ideological purity over Ronald Reagan’s big tent.

— Meg

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I interviewed NBC’s political director, Chuck Todd, on location in Tampa for the Republican National Convention. We discussed predictions for 2012, how and if Republicans will get excited about Mitt Romney, and whether the polarization of the national parties has begun to affect politics at the state level. Hint: It has.

(Image: Chuck Todd from MSNBC)

— Meg

I could talk politics with Chuck Todd all day

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