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Palin’s Paideia Research LLC in Sheridan, WY

Above is the office of Sarah Palin’s secret research firm in Sheridan, Wyo. - not too far from where I used to live.

Local blogger "The Panglossian Curmudgeon" took this photo of the building. Here’s part of his report:

Now on to the main subject, Paideia Research LLC at 1617 N. Main St. in beautiful Sheridan, Wyoming. Now, having lived here for most of the last 20 years I am quite familiar with Sheridan. As a matter of fact, back in 2001-2oo2 I worked right across the street from Paideia Research LLC as a assistant restaurant manager for KFC and I didn’t even notice it. (It was only a figment of someones imagination back then some 8 odd years ago.) And right behind us was/is the City of Sheridan Law enforcement Building, along with the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office, and our county jail, which they are currently expanding.

So, North Main St. after you pass 5th heading north is primarily residential, with little insurance offices, a Maverick C-Store, motels, and such, and it is also the Business I-90 route too. After you get past the road you take west to the Sheridan VA, and you go over the railroad tracks, it is mostly commercial, with K-Mart, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, but it is a short stretch, and then you’re back on to I-90, either heading north out of town toward Montana, which is about 20 miles, or south, and past the other 2 exits for Sheridan, which basically lies west of the north-south interstate path.

So, I decided to visit Paideia Research LLC, as the particular football game I was watching, because it was the only one on, wasn’t too interesting. So, off I headed looking for the 1617 N. Main St. Suite B, Paideia Research LLC. Now, Palingates Googled it, and said:

“Google shows that the address corresponds to a very non-descript single story building.”

Now, it was listed in the report for the third quarter, 2010 (Page 462 lists Paideia Research LLC of 1617 N. Main St., Sheridan, Wyoming.) that Tim Crawford, the treasurer for SarahPAC had filed.

It received a disbursement of $12,000 on September 3, 2010. Now, according to Wyoming’s Secretary of State Documents, Paideia LLC was formed on July 16, 2010.

Wyoming is listed as being one of the most business friendly states. Could it be fraud-friendly too? This is very strange indeed.

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