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Why Wyoming won’t be adopting Sharia law


And why Gerald Gay accidently advocates it:

Rep. Gerald Gay, R-Casper, introduced a proposed constitutional amendment [House Joint Resolution 8] — requiring two-thirds majority votes in the House and Senate, a governor’s signature, and a majority of those casting ballots in the November 2012 general election — that would forbid courts from considering international law or Sharia law when deciding cases.

A few well-established matters in law and practice in Wyoming will impede the advance of Islamic law for a long time to come:

1. Nobody’s proposing abolishing the Department of Revenue’s Liquor Division, the state wholesale liquor distribution center, or the Beacon Club.

2. Likewise, nobody’s out to shut down any hog producers.

3. Payday loan businesses still will charge bleepity-percent interest to customers.

4. Babes still will wear bikinis at Jackson Lake and Alcova.

5. Fools still will gamble at bingo, casinos and Texas Hold ‘Em.

On the other hand, the Wyoming Legislature appears to be succumbing to some Sharia practices:

1. Illegalizing gay marriage, and recognizing gay marriages performed in other states.

2. Not doing much about the gender-wage gap, which fits with Islam allowing both men and women to own property, but with a daughter’s inheritance usually being half that of her brothers.

3. Occasional talk about our laws coming from God. Of course, the debate persists about just what God we’re talking about.


Christian pseudo Shari’ah law? Say it ain’t so…


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