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Sony Hiked Up the Price of Whitney Houston’s Music Less Than an Hour After Her Death

Oh, capitalism. You’re so ghoulish:

A mere 30 minutes after the announcement of Houston’s death became widespread, the price of her 2007 album “The Ultimate Collection" nearly doubled on iTunes from £4.99 ($7.87) to £7.99 ($12.61) as reported by Digital Spy. By Sunday evening, the album had dropped back to its original price. Initially, ire was directed at iTunes, but it has since been reported that the price change was caused by Sony who adjusted the wholesale price of the album causing iTunes to process an automatic adjustment.

What reason could Sony have for this adjustment besides trying to make bank on the singer’s death? Sony argues that it was all a mistake, and that the original price was inaccurate. According to Sony, Houston’s album had been under-priced for a while now, her death simply called attention to the mistake, which was promptly fixed.

Translation: We realized the album was under-priced compared to how many people were going to be downloading the shit out of Whitney’s greatest hits. Of course, Sony was only doing what capitalism would suggest - pay attention to supply and demand. 

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