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At ProFlowers, our mission is to delight our customers with fresh and long lasting flowers, and that is our singular focus each and every day. We do not base our advertising decisions to align with any particular political view or opinion as our employees and customers are as diverse as the USA. Mr. Limbaugh’s recent comments went beyond political discourse to a personal attack and do not reflect our values as a company. As such, ProFlowers has suspended advertising on The Rush Limbaugh radio program.

Rush Limbaugh loses another advertiser – for now.

Suspending means they haven’t ended the actual ad buys/contract. But really, how would you feel sending flowers on Mother’s Day using a company that condones such hateful statements about women by advertising on Limbaugh’s show?

It’s telling advertisers are still fleeing even after his fauxpology. El Rushbo has a history of giving pseudo mea culpas on those rare occasions he’s issued anything close to an apology.

For the latest, follow StopRush on Twitter. Rush has a history of misogyny and bigotry, and it’s about goddamn time people step up and say enough is enough. If conservatives want to tout the free market, well, let the market punch him where it hurts: Square in the wallet. 

As one of my feminist pals put it: Rush, you’ve got 99 problems and they’re all bitches. Why?

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