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"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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Life insurance is something that you pay a premium for and, if you have an accident, your family receives money to recoup costs. An abortion rider would be something you pay for in order to, if you have an unwanted or nonviable pregnancy, terminate the pregnancy without it costing even more than if you didn’t have the coverage in the first place.

Now, taking just a moment to look at the overall picture of what is being discussed, it needs to be said clearly. A Republican just suggested a woman should have to “plan ahead” and obtain insurance in case she is raped. She should have a plan ready in case she is raped. I cannot repeat that enough - a Republican lawmaker believes that women should be planning for a future in which she is raped, just in case.

Who says there isn’t a war on women?

Robin Marty, at, responding to a Kansas lawmaker’s assertion that getting pregnant from rape is as inconvenient as a spare tire and an event for which women should carry insurance. (via cognitivedissonance)

The next step in rape culture: if you can’t afford an abortion, it’s your fault for not buying insurance for it!

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Now hang on just a damn second: one idiot politician says something stupid and now there’s a war on women? Don’t you think that’s overreacting JUST A TEENY BIT?

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As I mentioned the first time I reblogged this: this is a war on people with uteruses or people who can get pregnant — not all people who can get pregnant are women and not all women are capable of getting pregnant.


This isn’t the first and only thing that’s happened that makes people say that there is a war on people who can get pregnant. Remember the recent attempts to take federal funding away from Planned Parenthood? How about that time that an Iowa woman was arrested for thinking about getting an abortion? Have you ever heard about mandatory delays and counseling for people seeking abortions? What about certain abortion-related bills passed by the Oklahoma Senate in April 2010, including one that would require a person “to get an ultrasound at least one hour prior to an abortion and be shown the image and given a detailed explanation of it” (plus, a vaginal probe would be used if the ultrasound didn’t provide a clear enough image)? What about the constant pro-life/anti-choice propaganda, scare tactics, and misinformation (including racist billboards)? I could go on and on, but seriously — freedom of choice has been under attack for a long time now, since before Roe v. Wade, and continuing until the present day. So, yeah, there is a war on people who can get pregnant. There are people who are continuously and desperately trying to limit people’s choices, so this politician’s statement isn’t an isolated incident. No, we’re not overreacting. We’re justifiably pissed off.

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holy shit.

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I don’t really ever reblog after I’ve posted something, but holy shit. Bubonickitten nailed it.

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You think abortion is wrong? Don’t have one. I think killing people is wrong, so I’m not in the army. My tax dollars still go to fund it, though (in fact about 21 cents of each of my tax dollars). My tax dollars also go to keep prisoners on death row even though I think the death penalty is morally wrong. My tax dollars fund Guantanamo and Bagram, extraordinary rendition, and Jim DeMint’s salary, all of which I find disgusting. So why is abortion, a legal medical procedure, so remarkably different that we have to go overboard making sure tax dollars don’t fund it?
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