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More Black Friday madness: Riot Over $2 Waffle Maker in Wal-Mart

Things got out of control at one Wal-Mart near Little Rock, Arkansas on Black Friday as shoppers went wild over a good deal on kitchen appliances.

Screams could be heard as the greedy shoppers struggled to grab one (or five) of the $2 waffle irons… Consumers at the store didn’t seem to mind that, as WBTV noted, the waffle iron can only cook two waffles at a time. The store also offers a more expensive model that can cook up to four at once.

Goddammit, America. I know waffles are a big deal, but this is ridiculous. Grabbing six, seven at once and getting trampled? Is that worth it? I know, it’s not like anyone has died or anything… Oh, wait.

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