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Allegations of illegal election collusion fly in Wisconsin Senate recall

As the August 9 Wisconsin Senate recall election nears, Democrats and Republicans have filed complaints with the Government Accountability Board, accusing each other of engaging in illegal campaign coordination in Senate District 8.

Collusion between state resources, political campaigns and independent groups is illegal under Wisconsin law.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin filed complaints (PDF) in multiple jurisdictions on Thursday alleging that Republican state Sen. Alberta Darling committed multiple felonies by trying to hide her collusion with Americans For Prosperity, Wisconsin Family Action, Wisconsin Right to Life, and other conservative groups.

Darling is accused of blocking the release of documents relating to an open records request seeking information about her collaboration with the groups, a potential felony under Wisconsin law.

"It appears that Alberta Darling is engaged in a coverup to hide election collusion," Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. "The last acts of her desperate campaign are not merely pathetic. They are illegal."

Wisconsin is such a shit show right now… I stand with Wisconsin’s progressives and I’ve donated to We Are Wisconsin. Their headquarters burned down about a week ago, and the fire is still under investigation. This was the same day the Koch brothers’ group, Americans for Prosperity, sent out letters to Democrats asking them to return the application for an absentee ballot two days after the election. This isn’t the first time the Wisconsin GOP has attempted voter suppression, either.

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Koch Group Mails Suspicious Absentee Ballot Letters In Wisconsin

Is the Koch-backed conservative group Americans For Prosperity up to no good in the Wisconsin state Senate recalls?

As Politico reports, mailers have now turned up from Americans For Prosperity Wisconsin, addressed to voters in two of the Republican-held recall districts, where the elections will be held on August 9. The mailers ask recipients to fill out an absentee ballot application, and send it in - by August 11, after Election Day for the majority of these races.

This is so fucked. I doubt an organization like Americans for Prosperity would make such a huge typo. We Are Wisconsin just had their HQ burn down too…

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