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Can we sidewalk counsel people going into urology clinics? Y’know, they might be going in there for a vasectomy and I believe that’s against God’s will. Doesn’t matter they’re seeking perfectly legal medical care — I just feel compelled to compassionately counsel them about how they’re facing eternal damnation because every sperm is sacred.

It’s not like there’s a buffer zone in place or anything…

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BREAKING: U.S. Supreme Court unanimously strikes down Mass. 'Buffer Zone' law

The Supreme Court unanimously struck down Massachusetts’ abortion buffer zone law on Thursday, ruling in favor of anti-choice protesters who argued that being required to stay 35 feet away from clinic entrances is a violation of their freedom of speech. The decision rolls back a proactive policy intended to safeguard women’s access to reproductive health care in the face of persistent harassment and intimidation from abortion opponents.



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First Lady of Texas: Abortion is “a woman’s right”

Meanwhile, in Texas…

Anita Perry takes a stance on reproductive rights completely at odds with her husband, Gov. Rick Perry. Good for her for not just paying lipservice to batshit Republican laws that actually harm millions of people in Texas.

Often, the wives of male politicians are seen as extensions of their husbands and act accordingly — mind you, it’s not entirely unlikely they’re looking to avoid being ripped apart in the press for NOT acting as an extensions of their husbands or for having their own policies and ideas. Please see Hillary Clinton as FLOTUS for an example.

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Yes. As my friend Will said, “I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall when the Texas Republicans came to the realization that breaking the rules and lying about it wasn’t going to work in this case. I gotta say, I really didn’t think they were going to reverse course.”

Me neither. CBS News tweeted the entire lifecycle of a lie, when said lie is immediately demonstrated to be one.

Now, about stemming the tide of damage from SCOTUS gutting the Voting Rights Act… without doing that, we’ll see many more — and tougher — fights than this one tonight. 

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Hey, AP.

At least CNN stuck to reporting on the caloric content of blueberry muffins. So I guess they won’t have to retract that…


So many props tonight to the people who stood up for their constituents, stood against their colleagues, and braved arrest in Austin tonight. This was a fight taken up by my grandmother and mother’s generations, a fight they thought decided in 1972. It’s our time now. It will not be televised — it will be livestreamed and tweeted. Think about that for a minute. 

The Associated Press, which I took as gospel as a journalist 10 years ago, got something like this so very wrong. It was the people who were correct, and those in power reversed their position long after using the AP as a veneer of legitimacy, and after the rest of the mainstream media disappeared and went to sleep.

It was the people’s filibuster, the people’s media, and it’s still the people’s fight, ladies and gentlemen.



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Amazing. I’m getting angry. The most emotional issue that the law has dealt with since suffrage. Look at us — three men. Talking about what rights women should have over their own bodies. Now doesn’t that strike you as a little one-sided?
D.A. Adam Schiff (Steven Hill) on season one of Law & Order, “Life Choice” (original air date: Jan. 8, 1991)

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And Kirsten Powers just keeping rolling…

So, no group supports abortion clinic bombings ideologically?


Ever heard of an organization named Army of God? Click the last two photos in the set to view the pages listing Scott Roeder as an “American Hero” and murderers, arsonists, and bombers as “Heroes of the Faith.”

Really, stop trying to bend over backwards to exclude anti-choice terrorists as TERRORISTS. What do you call a man like Clay Waagner, who mailed over 200+ threatening letters, supposedly containing anthrax, to Planned Parenthood clinic? What, is he just a prankster?

This lone wolf bullshit needs to stop. Christians bombing abortion clinics in the name of God are terrorists. Muslims who commit bombing in the name of Allah — same thing. The biggest difference is that every time an incident of terrorism motivated by extremist anti-choice ideology takes place, Christian pro-life groups aren’t forced to launch a media blitz to clarify that the terrorist does not represent Christians.

Muslims do not get the same courtesy in the U.S. If an act of terrorism is even speculated to be committed by a Muslim, the media immediately demands Muslim-Americans roundly condemn the attacks and explain how that person is not a Muslim — this, of course, operates under the Islamophobic notion that EVERY MUSLIM EVERYWHERE supports the terrorist acts of the very, very few.

Scott Roeder, Army of God? Eh, lone wolf, not a real Christian, etc. 

Just stop. This is not a hypothesis you can defend and still be a decent goddamn human being.

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