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"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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Anonymous asked: Do you ever post Harry Potter stuff, cuz I'm kinda obsessed. Love your tumblr, love it more with an HP post.

I’m not a Harry Potter fan really, but I do give it much more credit than Twilight, particularly since the Harry Potter books are well-written, and Stephanie Meyer should be arrested for the murder of a thesaurus. So yes, I will give a Harry Potter post that mocks Twilight as a bonus.

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crystalsoulslayer asked: Vampires: Pale, live forever, feed on the blood of human beings.
Republicans: Pale, live forever, feed on the blood of human beings.

The only difference? Literal speech versus metaphorical speech.

Indeed. Here’s their food pyramid:

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bleuberrie-deactivated20110216 asked: Having been in a rather lengthy and very inequitable relationship, the Twilight saga holds a special place on my shitlist. The parts that really stood out for me were the first few chapters of Eclipse, wherein Edward forbids Bella from seeing her friends and goes so far as to disable her vehicle to prevent it. I mean if nothing else screams "psycho obsessed abusive partner" then I just don't know... I really hope they decide to gloss over those parts of the book in the new movie. I am genuinely concerned for the well-being of these sweet gullible girls that lap up this garbage.

I’m glad you got away. I don’t think it’ll be glossed over so much as romanticized.


Yeah, that’s what they’re learning. You need a man, preferably a creepy man, or else you aren’t whole. And he’s gotta love you like Edward. Ew.

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shutter413 asked:

I love Kevin Smith. Especially when he takes down Twilight. There’s a graphic novel out now, so I hope it doesn’t migrate to comic-con.

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bleuberrie-deactivated20110216 asked: I'm really enjoying your ripping the piss out of Twilight (et al.) tonight. Thanks for brightening my day. You could almost say it is sparkling...almost.


I’m glad you’re enjoying it because I have hated these books for so long. I typically do not believe books are a waste of space. These are. I cannot stand the message or the medium. 

I helped a friend with research on a master’s thesis this summer. She wrote about implicit misogyny and threats infantilizing women. Guess what saga she used when talking about the teen demographic?

Choice Edward quotes:

I’ve never tried to keep a specific person alive before, and it’s much more troublesome than I would have believed. But that’s probably just because it’s you. Ordinary people seem to make it through the day without so many catastrophes.

Edward Cullen, Twilight, Chapter 8, p.174

Your number was up the first time I met you.

Edward Cullen, Twilight, Chapter 8, p.175

You don’t care if I’m a monster?

Edward Cullen, Twilight, Chapter 9, p.184

That is something to be afraid of, indeed. Wanting to be with me. That’s really not in your best interest.

Edward Cullen, Twilight, Chapter 13, p.266

You only have to risk your life every second you spend with me, that’s surely not much.

Edward Cullen, Twilight, Chapter 14, p.305

It’s just that you are so soft, so fragile. I have to mind my actions every moment that we’re together so that I don’t hurt you. I could kill you quite easily, Bella, simply by accident. You don’t realize how incredibly breakable you are. I can never, never afford to lose any kind of control when I’m with you.

Edward Cullen, Twilight, Chapter 14, p.310

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healerirl asked: Agree on the Seasons thing. It's just the opposite here in Texas. Spring and Autumn are just SummerLite, and Winter is extremely short. I guess at this point I would take a longer Winter over this nonsense! :)

I'm graduating in May '11, and I don't want to take any time off, so I have to finish applying in December this year. So I'm a little behind, but I'm getting my affairs in order as best I can! I've taken the GRE, and I'm requesting my letters of recommendation, writing my personal statements, etc. Just compiling all the stuff I'll need while trying to actually do school work, too. ;)

So you're interested in Law? Psych is definitely helpful there! My hubby is a History major and considering law too. How scary does it look? :)

Okay, I took a practice LSAT online today and did really well. A little less scared. It looks kind of scary still though. I’m looking at dual psychology and JD programs, especially clinical forensic psych. 

You’re further ahead. I’m a dual psychology and criminal justice major so I think I’ve got a year. Tell him to start studying for the LSAT now. Seriously.

On a weird side note, I just got your message today, when I’m pretty sure you sent it awhile ago. *gives Tumblr the side eye*

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crystalsoulslayer asked: By the way, Robert Pattinson, the guy who plays Edward, DOESN'T LIKE EDWARD. He's said before he thinks Edward is a creepy sociopath, and doesn't understand what fans see in him.

I know. I give him a pass. A minor one though. This is just like Carl Paladino hating on the GLBTQ community, then it comes out (pun intended) that he rented space to a gay club. A buck is a buck, who gives a fuck?

I think Robert Pattinson is a decent actor when not covered in glitter and forced to act like an emo little beastie on steroids.

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sheepdean asked: Losing a twilight fan is the best thing that can happen to someone. Congratulations.

Why thank you. I tried to read the books because some of my friends were raving about them. Couldn’t do it. Somewhere, near Stephanie Meyer’s house, a thesaurus lies beaten - that is the worst kind of writing.

So I tried listening to them on audio book. I will never forget how freaked out I was by the birthing scene and the message that having sex once, JUST ONCE YOU DIRTY WHORE, can flat out kill you.

Thanks to this anon, I’m about to post more shit about why Twilight sucks.

And thanks to my marvelous followers who are posting replies. You all rule the universe :)

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cheeborg asked: Did you see the recent episode of Family Guy with Rush Limbaugh? If so, what did you think?

I saw the one with Michael Moore and Rush Limbaugh as the same person. Was there another one? I don’t watch Family Guy often…

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Anonymous asked: I heard it! Thank you much that was so cool! I love those songs you guys picked, I'm like crying now but a good crying. thank you thank you thank you. Your show is way cool too!

Chris in Laramie


I’m so happy you heard the songs and Lt. Dan Choi’s message. Take care of yourself and we’re all here for you. Glad you liked my show too. If you ever need to talk, I check email compulsively - feel free to message me. 

If you can, get to the Rainbow Resource Center and you can get info there. My friend Emily helps run it. You can contact them at 

You are not alone. Ever.


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Anonymous asked: I'm in 7th grade and I go to school in a red republican state. I was bored and lookin for people on tumblr that live in the same state as me because I know there's not many people in Wyoming haha. So Hi.

I just spent like 2 hours reading your tumblr and I am so happy that I had to write you. I thought I was alone here!!! But I'm not!!!! Ya!!!

Thank you for posting about homosexaulity because I think I might be gay but I'm really scared of being gay here. I hide it and whenever someone calls me a fag or someone else a fag I want to say it's not funny because you know what I'm gay. But I'm a little scared to. Maybe sometime I will like the last day of high school.

I actually live in the same town as you and I am going to listen to your radio show this Fri. I thought you were really brave last spring with suing UW and I made my dad mad by saying your brave. He did not think so. I still think your brave because you stand up for people. And stand up to bullies who ask anon questions but I guess I'm not a bully lol.

My question: if we ever cross paths could we have lunch or something? I wish you went to my school because I would want to be your friend since your cool. I feel like you kind of are because your straight in Wyoming and saying it's ok to be gay. So thank you and please don't listen to anon bullies. I know you don't.


P.S. I wrote down the phone numbers because sometimes I get really down and wat to talk to someone but there's no one around. Thanks for posting those too!!!

Dear Chris,

Thank you for this. You are not alone here. There is a supportive group of students on campus if you choose to stay in Wyoming. The Rainbow Resource Center is at the Student Union off 13th St. Go in the front doors and turn right. If you can get over there, you can talk with some great people and get some helpful information. 

I understand how someone can be scared. I actually was not as brave when I was your age. I was awkward, felt like a dork, and just wanted high school to be over. I’m now 26, and things got better. I found my courage and I try to stand up for people now. Thank you for telling me I’m brave - it helps to hear it. You ARE brave by writing to me, even if it is anonymous. You seriously made my night by letting me know that what I have posted has helped you. 

You don’t have to tell people you’re gay if you correct them when they use “fag” - you can just point out that it’s just the same as using a racial slur. Come out when you feel comfortable - don’t feel like you have to come out at a set time.

You are not alone in Wyoming. You are not alone as long as you reach out. I’m glad you wrote those numbers down. If you want, message me on Facebook and I will give you my email or number. You could also talk to the people at the Laramie Chapter of Big Brothers, Big Sisters. 

There’s people out there who understand. Visit

It will get better. I want you to remember that. I’ll play a song for you this week since you said you’ll listen. 

If I went to your school, we could be friends. And yes, I will go to lunch with you if we cross paths. You told me not to listen to anonymous bullies - same goes to you, anonymous or not. They don’t define you. You define you. 

Take care of yourself,


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cheeborg asked: What are five of your favorite TV shows (on air or off)?
  1. Rescue Me - I’m behind on watching this, but this show is so many layers of fucked up. I need to finish Season 4 and move on.
  2. Community - Joel McHale is hilarious and if it ever gets cancelled, I’ll lose my shit. 
  3. Homicide: Life on the Streets - Actually filmed in and around Baltimore, this had Richard Belzer as the OG Detective Munch. He moved to Law & Order: SVU and became more of a caricature versus a character. Excellent story and dialogue every episode. I own nearly every season and can watch them over and over again.
  4. Flashpoint - Ridiculously good. The Pink Power Ranger is now a SWAT agent. Don’t let that deter you. The show starts with the crisis, then rewinds. Every single time, I’m thinking, Shit, the opening hasn’t rolled yet? It’s that engrossing.
  5. Tie between Breaking Bad & Daria - Seriously, I couldn’t decide. My reaction to Daria was OMG MI LYFE when I was in high school. I miss that show. Breaking Bad is just freakish and hypnotizing, with amazing storytelling.

Honorable Mentions: Robot Chicken, South Park, Burn Notice and Wonder Showzen. Don’t judge.

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mercurially asked: Are you content with the way your life is progressing? How are you sure of your answer?

Right now, yeah, I’m fairly content and 100% unsure of my answer, particularly because I’m applying to grad and law schools within a year. 

I always have the feeling it could be better, somehow, someway - but it could be a hell of a lot worse too. And you?

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