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In some quarters, however, the American work ethic is waning. Some people devote themselves to find ways not to work. Some seem to take a perverse kind of pride in being slipshod or lackadaisical. In many cases, where our work culture has deteriorated, shortsighted government policies share a good part of the blame.

Welfare without work erodes the spirit and the sense of self-worth of the recipient. And it conditions the children of nonworking parents to an indolent and unproductive life. Hardworking parents raise hardworking kids; we should recognize that the opposite is also true. The influence of the work habits of our parents and other adults around us as we grow up has lasting impact.

Mitt Romney, in his autobiography No Apology: The Case For American Greatness.

Oh, now I get it — only moms of means are worthy of praise. Moms who accept public assistance produce indolent kids who lead unproductive lives.

Yeah, I don’t have kids, but I feel pretty good in saying Romney and his faux “mommy war” outrage can kiss off. I love being lectured by a rich guy about welfare in general. It’s not like I actually want a living wage or anything…

(h/t to ThinkProgress)

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Proposed law requires burial/cremation of 8 week old fetuses


“A new controversial State bill is on the table this year that deals with the proper burial of dead or unborn fetuses.

Representative Rickey Hardy (D-Lafayette) knows his new bill — House Bill 379 — could stir the pot in the State’s legislature.

Hardy hopes HB 379 would discourage women from getting abortions. Under the bill a physician would have to notify a woman receiving an abortion about the law to have the fetus cremated or buried.

“It would certainly deter folks from going and having an abortion when in fact they think about the consequences,” said Hardy.”


Submitter Stacy says that this nonsense, in addition to Louisiana’s “feticide” bill, is making her seriously consider getting the hell out of this very red state.”

By folks, you mean wimmenfolk, since we’re too stupid to make our own decisions AND consider consequences, all at the same time! So, who’s going to pay for these cremations, hmmm? How about spontaneous abortions, aka miscarriages? You gonna put women and their families through that, too?

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Against Death

From the description: “PRO-LIFE COMMENTARY. I defeat your culture of death and killing babies and replace it with my culture of love and life (and loving life). I want to end abortion, one pregnancy at a time. 

It includes such choice assertions like:

0.01% of abortions are due to fetal health reasons. The rest are reasons of convenience like women getting abortions at 7-8 months because they want to go on vacation and look good in bathing suits while at it.

The implication of what you have said is that it’s better to be dead, or not exist at all, than it is to suffer. Does this mean we should forcibly sterilize those who have genetic issues that could be passed down? Should we kill those who are ill, even mentally ill? Should we recommend suicide? This is what I mean by a culture of death.

And there’s this gem:

All life should be supported, BUT the more innocent it is, the more it should be supported. A fetus is TOTALLY innocent, whereas a woman who is pregnant has lived a few years at least and by that point, she has probably done the smallest (at least) thing wrong. For example, she may have accidentally tripped someone or some such triviality. In this case the fetus is more innocent and so should survive preferably.

This one’s just nonsensical:

“Pregnant prochoicer” is an oxymoron because we all know they abort every single pregnancy. So it is not possible to get pregnant and then become pro-choice unless that results in an abortion. So, no mothers are pro-choice. Over time, the number of pro-life people will increase over the number of death supporters, because the death supporters will simply kill off all their young.

This one leads to me think we’re dealing with an epic troll here:

It is highly problematic to let women make their own decisions when often, their knowledge of what is best for them is cloudy (and that’s putting it nicely). I will elaborate:
All women that have had an abortion, regret it. Those who say otherwise are only proof that some women do not know their own minds.

Every woman wants to be a mother and loves babies. We are slaves to our hormones, our baser drives, our nature (because voluntary childlessness is unnatural). Ignoring this is ignoring reality.

I “trust women” to give carry to term, give birth, and preferably parent, not to have abortions! I trust them to see the light and not do stupid things.

We are the ones who really care about women, not pro-choice. We know what is best for them, so why would we not encourage them to do what is best? We should not let them hurt themselves.

Women who get abortions were just not responsible enough to get tubal ligations beforehand.

Women should be denied tubal ligations because they are too hormonal and emotional to make permanent decisions. Men use logic, which does not change on a whim, unlike female emotional “reasoning” which changes from day to day. This is a recipe for regret. They should be denied abortions for the same reason.

Having a child is also permanent, I know, but hormones support motherhood and its behaviours (as I said, women want to be mothers). They do not support anti-motherhood initiatives like abortion or sterilization.

Some people coerce their partners into having abortions they don’t want! How horrible! We only coerce them into giving birth, which is harmless.

So, based on the above, we should not trust individual women but rather a group ideology. Group thought is safer because the members can check each other’s thinking for errors, and confirm each other’s beliefs.

Epic troll, or a real pro-lifer? That’s just the first page of this Tumblr. There’s so much stupidity, fear-mongering, slut-shaming, and misogyny that I have no idea where to begin. 

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