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"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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This is amazing! Remember DC Douglas, the GEICO voiceover guy who got fired for drunk-dialing FreedomWorks? He’s done several hilarious progressive videos since, but nothing tops his Palin/Bachmann 2012 rock opera. The whole video is drenched in awesome sauce.



John Boehner: And look at how this bill was written…
Can you say it was done openly?
With transparency and accountability?
Without back room deals and struck behind closed doors?
Hidden from the people?

JEFFERSON: There is a liberal plague upon our Christian nation
A tax and spend Kenyan born commie importation
An anchor baby union loving homo-dykie chorus
The Prog-Islamo new world order 
from that bastard Soros! 

CHORIS: Soros. Soros.

HANCOCK: Glenn Becks stashed his gold and guess what he’s found 
A sinister connection 
tween his ass and a hole in the ground.
Stop wasting time appeasing liberal babies
Time to run some bat-shit crazy ladies!

ALL: A Palin/Bachman ticket’s what we need 
(Ron Paul)
To trounce Hussein Obama and take the lead 
(Ron Paul)
Sarah shoots and kills the Russian bear
Michele channels MacCarthy’s old red scare
This grizzly set of dolls 
packs the punch of ten Ron Pauls.
A Palin/Bachman ticket will succeed 

JEFERSON: Come Tea Party bring your spell-checked signs and fight
And save our corporations from their plight
Drugs and oil and guns in bed to lend a fiscal stroke
Rupert’s ready to distort 
after snorting the Brother’s Koch

HANCOCK: Limbaugh’s Oxycontin logic drives the train,
his panties sport a hammer and sickle stain.
Must build upon St. Reagan’s work in the eighties
Time to run some bat-shit crazy ladies!

ALL: A Palin/Bachman ticket’s what we need 
To trounce the anti-christ and take the lead 
Palin tweets her snark upon the land
And Bachman fertilizes it by hand
These champions of guns 
don’t draw fire like mormons.
A Palin/Bachman ticket will succeed 

JEFFERSON: But where is our Newt? 
He’s helped us out plenty…

HANCOCK: That philanderer’s as boring as Pawlenty.

JEFFERSON: Surely you’ve forgotten how we 
"heart Huckabee" 

HANCOCK: He is one of us 
white male Christians with type-2 diabetes

JEFFERSON: Pussy RINOs will cry foul and surely picket!

HANCOCK: Not when they see these two bat-shit crazy 
ladies on the ticket!

ALL: A Palin/Bachman ticket’s what we need 
(Dontcha know!)
To trounce the gangster POTUS and take the lead 
(Dontcha know!)
Palin is the thinking man’s Bachmann
Bachmann is the female 
Ann Coulter!
A Palin/Bachman Ticket will succeed 
(You betcha!)
To dumb down the electorate 
so they’ll drink all their tea! 
(You betcha!)
A Pailin/Bachman ticket is the way
Sorry if you’re poor, brown or gay
A Palin/Bachman ticket, 
to guide us through the thicket
To the day
When we say
Sarah Palin
President of the U.S.A!

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National Rub One Out to a Picture of Christine O'Donnell Day

This exists. And it’s AWESOME!

From the event:

"We feel that since you have wrongly discouraged so many from engaging in normal, healthy sexual activity that it is only befitting that you inspire it for at least this one day.

National Rub One Out to a Picture of Christine O’Donnell Day is November 1st, 2010!

This celebration of normal, natural sexuality will not right the wrongs you have perpetrated on humanity, but it is a step in the right direction.


The American People”

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