Cognitive Dissonance

"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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  samosass replied to your post: Your white. Your uncle tomming your own race.

also your vs. you’re

  awesomefuckyeahmotherfucker replied to your post: Your white. Your uncle tomming your own race.

flawless take down is flawless. i’m surprised you didn’t say anything about anon using the wrong your/you’re both times, though. lol.

Thank you both!

The you’re/your issue = the least of the problems with this ask.

However, if anon wants a gold star, here’s a handy way to learn your damn homophones.

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 awesomefuckyeahmotherfucker replied to your post: What is your biggest accomplishment?

“standing within inches of Dick Cheney and not being hit by the emperor’s lightning or disintegrating into stone upon making eye contact” OMG THIS IS EVERYTHING

Haha, I wish I were kidding:

At the naming ceremony of the University of Wyoming Cheney International Center — I mobbed him with the rest of the press and got pushed back. Here’s what I wrote on my old news site:

I also carried away the memory forever burned into my mind’s eye of Cheney striding out of the international center and thinking to myself with a bizarre jolt, “But he’s just small, stooped old man with a cane…”

And I carried away the memory of being within a few feet of Cheney and feeling an unearthly coldness crawling across my skin on an unseasonably warm day as I heard him laugh. His laugh was humorless and bitter, his face blank as I looked him in the eyes.

"Me and Mr. Cheney: A History"

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