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Anonymous donors pay off Kmart layaway accounts

Now this is heartwarming:

The young father stood in line at the Kmart layaway counter, wearing dirty clothes and worn-out boots. With him were three small children. He asked to pay something on his bill because he knew he wouldn’t be able to afford it all before Christmas. Then a mysterious woman stepped up to the counter.

"She told him, ‘No, I’m paying for it,’" recalled Edna Deppe, assistant manager at the store in Indianapolis. "He just stood there and looked at her and then looked at me and asked if it was a joke. I told him it wasn’t, and that she was going to pay for him. And he just busted out in tears."

Most of the donors have done their giving secretly.

Dona Bremser, an Omaha nurse, was at work when a Kmart employee called to tell her that someone had paid off the $70 balance of her layaway account, which held nearly $200 in toys for her 4-year-old son. ”I was speechless,” Bremser said. “It made me believe in Christmas again.”

Dozens of other customers have received similar calls in Nebraska, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana and Montana. The benefactors generally ask to help families who are squirreling away items for young children. They often pay a portion of the balance, usually all but a few dollars or cents so the layaway order stays in the store’s system.

The phenomenon seems to have begun in Michigan before spreading, Kmart executives said. ”It is honestly being driven by people wanting to do a good deed at this time of the year,” said Salima Yala, Kmart’s division vice president for layaway.

The good Samaritans seem to be visiting mainly Kmart stores, though a Wal-Mart spokesman said a few of his stores in Joplin, Mo., and Chicago have also seen some layaway accounts paid off.

The anonymous benefactors truly exhibit the spirit of giving and taking care of their fellow man. Makes me believe there’s some good people in the world, y’know?

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My friend Nathan Smith made a fantastic, heartwarming video: “What is Love?” He’s one of our local GLBTQ activists and Safe Zone trainers here in Laramie, as well as being a rather funny guy. You should reblog this. Seriously. More people should watch this because I think he is pretty awesome.

So, check it out, and follow him on Twitter: @natesmith86 

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