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[Obama is] just very, very scary. Now, I know there’s a lot of people that are very skeptical as to whether he was born in Hawaii. Personally I believe that he was. I actually believe he was fibbing about being born in Kenya when he was trying to get into college and doing things like writing a book and on and on and on.

So if there was weird stuff going on, I actually think it was happening back in his college days because I think he has spent $1.5 or $2 million through attorneys to have all the college records and all that stuff sealed. If you’re spending money to seal something, that’s probably where the hanky panky was going on.

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett proving he’s an even bigger jackass than I thought. When asked about his comments later, Bennett replied, “I have no personal knowledge about what happened.” But he’ll sure pretend he does!

I had emailed Bennett previously about the whole “I’m not a birther, I just play one on TV" thing. He never responded. Total shock, I know. I had to email him again about this egregiously racist claim.

And yes, I call it racist because this is the second time he’s attempted to tie Barack Obama to being Kenyan (or pretending to be Kenyan) in some way — supposedly in the name of vetting him — yet Mittbot™ escapes the same scrutiny. Remember when George W. Bush used to crack jokes about being a C student at Yale? Imagine Barack Obama doing that. 

Go on. Imagine it.

It drives these people up the wall that Barack Obama, a charismatic black man, not only succeeded at an Ivy League University, but went on to have a successful career as a professor and became president. Not to mention he wouldn’t have to spend money to have college records sealed because of privacy law.

In other words, clutch the pearls and pray to all the angels and baby Jesus, because there’s an intruding BLACK man in our WHITE House. </sarcasm>

The cherry on top of this racist sundae is Bennett has formed an exploratory committee to run for governor in 2014. It’s never too late to start pandering to your base.

Anyhow, here’s my email to Ken Bennett. If you’d like to email him too, his email is

[Image Text: 
Dear Mr. Bennett,

I previously wrote you regarding your dabbling in birtherism. To refresh your memory, please view the email here:

I was thrilled to see you finally back off the pursuit of Barack Obama’s birth certificate after Hawaii satisfied your desires. However, I do believe you should investigate whether or not Mitt Romney is a robot. This is a very real possibility. View the evidence here, here, and here. I have just as much evidence that Romney is a robot as Sheriff Joe Arpaio has that Obama was born in Kenya. But no matter…

I am writing regarding your recent comments about Obama lying about being born in Kenya in order to get into college. You said:

[Obama is] just very, very scary. Now, I know there’s a lot of people that are very skeptical as to whether he was born in Hawaii. Personally I believe that he was. I actually believe he was fibbing about being born in Kenya when he was trying to get into college and doing things like writing a book and on and on and on.

First off, citation needed. Second, I heard a rumor you lied about being a gay Chinese Buddhist from Lincoln, Neb. in order to get into Arizona State University. In reality, you’re a straight white Mormon from Tucson, Ariz. BORING. No wonder you lied.

Please refute these allegations, or else I will assume they are true. After all, I have as much evidence as Arpaio regarding Obama’s birthplace, and just as much evidence about your college attendance as you do about Obama’s. Also, would your office please call for Romney to refute the allegation that he lied about being a human being to get into Harvard.



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Mitt Romney is a robot. I’m making this a thing.

 bulletinaweave replied to your post: ugh! obama can present his birth certificate a…

But the REAL question is what he did as an undergrad! Because, you know, after you’ve been to Ivy League schools, anyone ever gives a shit about your undergrad career…

Y’all are missing the real issue here. Barack Obama might be kicked off the ballot in Arizona because of birth certificate BS. But there’s a more insidious truth.

Supposedly, Mitt Romney is qualified to be president. But there’s no proof that he isn’t a robot. THINK ABOUT IT! He’s mechanical, gives inopportune/inappropriate reactions, appears to short out every now and again, lacks emotional depth, etc…

I demand Mitt’s birth certificate, testimony from his physician, and a complete physical exam — INCLUDING a full body wanding with a metal detector — at the very least. We don’t have a DNA test confirming him as an actual person — WHERE IS THE PROOF?! He should shave his head to demonstrate there is no serial number or bolts under his hair. Until then, who knows? Computers and science have come leaps and bounds with simulating humans. He could be a robot — AND A ROBOT CANNOT BE PRESIDENT.

Mitt’s father was born in Mexico and likely has ties there, plus, there’s Bain Capital and General Electric. Bear with me here…

Mitt is a robot assembled in Mexico at one of the maquiladoras, and that’s why elite conservatives rejected him — THEY KNOW THE TRUTH. After all, we have sent a lot of our U.S. factories just across the border, and Bain Capital has a financial stake in some of these companies. General Electric owns many of the factories along the border with Mexico, and has partnership financing with Bain Capital. Many of Bain Capital’s executives worked for GE. Mitt Romney played a leading role in Bain for years. WHAT ARE YOU REALLY BUILDING, GENERAL ELECTRIC? ROMNEYBOTS?!

We cannot place our future in the hands of a man who may not be a man at all, but instead, a heartless hunk of cold metal. It is imperative that we email Arizona’s Secretary of State Ken Bennett at — 1200 emails got him to seek Obama’s birth certificate. There’s over 10,000 of you following this site. 

Let’s do this. They may call us roboters, claim we’re subscribing to robotism, but it’s all a plot by the mainstream media to cover up who OR WHAT the real Mitt Romney is behind all that good hair and grinning. We must find the truth before it’s too late. Ever see the Terminator movies? SKYNET, Y’ALL!


Now, how’s that for a conspiracy theory? Get on it, World Net Daily.

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manicmuse asked: I heard recently that the birth certificate was officially "admitted" to be a fake (a further internet search purports that was "Obama's lawyers" who admitted it). Is there any validity to this? Or is it just some crazy tea party hoopla?

Tea Party hoopla — thoroughly debunked this claim, but I’m going to repost it here: 

Paper Chase

Claim: Lawyers representing Barack Obama admitted that his birth certificate is a forgery.
Ruling: FALSE

Example: [Collected via e-mail, April 2012] A crushing situation is emerging for, not only Barack Obama, but also for the American people as a landmark statement has been made by the Obama administration that is going to turn the entire 2012 Presidential race and potentially much more on its head. Lawyers representing the current sitting President of the United States of America have been forced, under penalty of perjury, to admit that the long-form birth certificate presented by the White House in April of 2011 is a total forgery.

In a NJ ballot access eligibility case spawned by Tea Party activists, attorneys representing Obama had to admit the document presented to the American people by Obama himself is actually knowingly faked and was used to fool the American public into believing a complete fabrication.

Origins: In April 2012, lawyers representing Barack Obama responded to a ballot challenge initiated by two New Jersey residents in which the plaintiffs argued Obama was not qualified to appear on the New Jersey primary ballot as a presidential candidate because he had not provided evidence to the New Jersey Secretary of State demonstrating he was a natural born citizen of the United States:

Nick Purpura, of Monmouth County, has filed a challenge along with Ocean County resident Ted Moran alleging that Obama has never shown adequate proof that he was born in the United States — despite the release of a longform birth certificate by the White House in April of 2011 — and that his father was never a citizen of the United States, meaning Obama is not a natural born citizen, at least according to their interpretation of the Constitution.

Obama’s lawyer, Alexandra Hill, argued in response that New Jersey law does not require a candidate to provide evidence of natural born citizenship status in order to appear on the state’s ballot as a presidential candidate.

The judge in the case affirmed no such legal requirement exists in dismissing the challenge:

There appears to be no affirmative requirement that a person endorsed in a nominating petition for the presidency present to the Secretary of State any certification or other proof that he is qualified for the office, at least not at the time when nominating petitions are to be accepted or rejected by the secretary … In this matter, as the petitioners’ objection is that Mr. Obama has not provided the secretary with proof of the place of his birth by means of a birth certificate or otherwise, the lack of any obligation on his part to do so means he has not failed to act in accordance with the applicable law.

Contrary to poor reporting like the Examiner article cited above (cribbed from the Tea Party Tribune), at no time during the hearings did Alexandra Hill or any other lawyer representing Barack Obama “admit that the long-form birth certificate presented by the White House is a total forgery.” Hill merely agreed to a stipulation that the image of Obama’s birth certificate posted on the White House web site would not be used as evidence in the case, as his campaign had never presented it to the state or the court as proof of his eligibility in the first place (because there was no requirement for them to do so):

[Plaintiffs’ lawyer] pressed to be put on the record a stipulation by White House counsel that the Obama campaign was not utilizing the long-form birth certificate as proof that Obama was born in Hawaii or as proof he was qualified to be president as a “natural born citizen” under the Constitution. In response, Hill repeated she had no intention of presenting Obama’s birth certificate to the court. Controversy over Hill’s arguments at the April 10 hearing began after various Internet posts erroneously reported that Hill stipulated during the hearing that the Obama long-form birth certificate was a forgery. What precisely Hill had stipulated was that the birth certificate had never been presented by Obama’s presidential campaign to the New Jersey secretary of state or to Judge Masin as evidence Obama was eligible to be president.

Last updated: 20 April 2012

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My email to Ariz. Secretary of State Ken Bennett

You know the Secretary of State in Arizona who’s demanding Obama’s birth certificate to certify him for the ballot? I thought I’d give him some helpful suggestions via email:

[Image text pasted below] 

[Image Text: Dear Mr. Bennett,

I imagine it can be difficult when you have constituents like Sheriff Joe Arpaio pressuring you to make sure that brown-skinned guy in the White House is really allowed to be president. And then when it appears he really is allowed to serve, well, I bet all hell breaks loose, right? I mean, Sheriff Joe makes a hullabaloo with his report a few weeks ago, stirs even more folks up, and I am sure you just thought, “Why not compromise? Why not send that $5 money order? It’ll make ‘em shut up.”

Well, you gave in to the fringes of this great country. They now own you - or at least they think they do. This is one of many requests I imagine the birther faction will make. Why not verify Mitt Romney? After all, folks just sued in California this March questioning Romney’s eligibilityhis dad DID spend time in MexicoRomney’s claimed several states as his home… Is that not suspicious enough? [Note: I’m being sarcastic, sir, but fair IS fair.]

May I make a suggestion?

Buy these in bulk: [Image of a coffee mug featuring a picture of Barack Obama, Barack Obama’s birth certificate, and the text ‘Made in the USA’]

You can purchase them here. I propose these mugs are a better use of taxpayer dollars in Arizona than kowtowing to the birthers who will likely demand further investigation.

It’s much simpler, too. One of them walks in to your office, your administrative assistant hands them a mug. One of them calls your office, your administrative assistant sends them a mug via USPS. One of them faxes you, well, you get the idea.

I cannot believe a man such as yourself is able to buy into the inherent racism of the birthers and would lack the spine to them no, the White House has already released Barack Obama’s birth certificate, and you can view it online. I pray this was only a momentary lapse of judgment. Right?

Meg Lanker-Simons
Editor, Cognitive Dissonance

If you’d like to email Ken Bennett, his email is I’ll post a response if I get one.

I’m sick of this shit.

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