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Oklahoma Doctor Refuses To Provide Rape Victim With Emergency Contraception

ThinkProgress reports: “An Oklahoma emergency room doctor refused to provide emergency contraception to a 24-year-old female rape victim because the medication violated the health provider’s personal beliefs… ‘I will not give you emergency contraceptives because it goes against my believes,’ the doctor allegedly told the rape victim and her mother, Rhonda. ‘She knew my daughter had just been raped. Her attitude was so judgmental and I felt that she was just judging my daughter.’

Oklahoma law shields providers from offering the perfectly legal medication under a ‘conscience clause’ which could significantly hinder women’s access to contraception services.”

This is sick. You might have to carry your rapist’s child because MY beliefs say so? In what universe is that OK? Whatever happened to “first, do no harm” – and I mean the living, breathing patient in front of you, not a maybe baby conceived by a rape. The religious right whines about secularism intruding into their beliefs, but what is more intrusive than forced pregnancy?

This woman was luckily able to get EC at another hospital. Other people might not be so lucky.

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On conscience clauses and morality police

I’ve decided I want to own a business just in case the GOP manages to pass their overbroad conscience bill. I have a moral objection to providing any kind of healthcare to a person who would strip it from others based on what a sky-god supposedly meant.

Yeah, I have that moral objection. But I would provide comprehensive health insurance anyhow. Why? Because it’s the right goddamn thing to do, even if I feel those folks should reap what they have sown for others.

If you have a moral objection to birth control, psychological treatment, etc. – don’t use that service. Don’t use contraception.

If you want to live by the Bible, hooray for you. Not all of us want that. Some of us don’t see an unintended pregnancy as a miracle. Some of us don’t think you can pray away depression.

No one is preventing you from attending church or practicing your faith. No one is stopping you from attempting to ram your version of Jesus Christ as a science-denying patriarch down my throat. All we ask is that you obey laws passed years ago.

If a church wanted to violate child labor laws, would politicians support an exception? After the start of the 2012 election cycle, I’m afraid to ask. We already allow churches to waive anti-discrimination laws and give them privileged tax status based upon their status as a church. If churches are going to lobby to control my body, the least they can do is acknowledge their organizational purpose is no longer shepherding a flock – it’s ringleading the political circus.

Until you render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, I argue churches pay taxes and follow the laws of any other political organization/business. There’s my moral objection – currently, they’re not. Assuming the GOP throws a successful tantrum on this issue, I will continue to make this moral objection.

I want to think the American people can see this conscience clause BS as a reactionary throwback, little more than circuses in a time of limited bread. But when the people elected to lead us are leading that circus parade of morality police instead, I fear my faith may be misplaced.

So in the future, come work for my law firm. I’ll provide comprehensive coverage for contraception and the like – even for those who change their minds and join the 98% of Catholics and 99% of Americans who admit to using contraception at least once. You won’t have to ask for it because it will already be there.

Why? Because it’s the ethical, moral thing to do.

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