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You know, I think that’s so self-evident I’m not sure that needs to be answered - come on. Of course corporations are not people. Come on. Who would say such an outlandish thing? I can’t imagine anyone running for president would say something like that.

Jon Huntsman, answering a question on corporate personhood at a campaign stop in Concord, N.H. today, and taking a well-deserved swipe at the top-polling Mitt Romney. Watch it:

Romney famously insisted at a rally in August that “corporations are people, my friend,” and continues to defend the claim.

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Rep. Walsh: That’s not the problem! The problem is you’ve got to be consistent. And I dont want government meddling in the marketplace. Yeah, they move from Goldman Sachs to the White House, I understand all of that. But you gotta’ be consistent. And it’s not the private marketplace that created this mess. What created mess was your government, which has demanded for years that everybody be in a home. And we’ve made it easy as possible for people to be in homes. […] Don’t blame banks, and don’t blame the marketplace for the mess we’re in right now! I am tired of hearing that crap! This pisses me off! Too many people don’t listen. […] Quiet for a minute! Quiet for a minute!
Constituent: Joe, what did I say–
Rep. Walsh: Quiet for a minute or I’m going to ask you to leave. You need to listen, or I’m going to ask you to leave.

Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois, screaming at a constituent during his “Cup of Joe with Joe” in Gurnee, Illinois this Sunday.

Just a reminder: Walsh is the "True Blue" family values leader who is over $100K behind on child support payments and may be cited for contempt if he ditches his next hearing.

Video here:

Walsh also falsely claimed that unions somehow have more power and influence than corporations in America. The constituent had asked a very reasonable question regarding the influence of bank lobbyists and the revolving door of former senators becoming lobbyists or heads of corporations, or vice versa.


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I am the Koch brothers’ brother from another mother!

Herman Cain, giving a speech at the Koch-funded Heritage Foundation.

So, they aren’t even pretending to hide corporate whoring any longer… and yes, he really said it:

I had to watch the video too. Don’t feel bad if you did as well. 

And this would be why we need campaign finance reform. One of many reasons.

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GOP Mega-Donor Koch Brothers' Company Tied To Global Criminal Misdeeds In Bombshell Article

A just-published bombshell article in the November issue of Bloomberg Markets magazine implicates Koch Industries, the company controlled by Republican mega-donors Charles and David Koch, in dozens of criminal acts around the globe over the past three decades.

According the report, company officials have been caught paying bribes to win contracts, trading with Iran in violation of the U.S. embargo, price-fixing, neglecting safety and ignoring environmental regulations.

The billionaire brothers are major donors to FreedomWorks, the Cato Institute, and dozens of other conservative think-tanks and nonprofits.

Read the full article here >

Do read the full article. It’s easy to dismiss this as wholly unsurprising, but it’s actually quite an outrage to see the catalog of sins amassed by the Koch brothers and their corporations.

Again, I’m going to suggest if corporations are people, these corporations should be held criminally responsible. 

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I refuse to believe corporations are people until one is executed to the sounds of cheers of the Tea Party.

Ooh, or unless they’re assigned gender and a merger is denied because two same-gender corporations cannot enter into such a contract. Or unless one is denied the right to organize with others in the name of “cost-cutting.” Just a thought… 

Update: I’m not the only one thinking something similar.

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Rick Perry Compares Civil Rights Movement To GOP Fight For Lower Corporate Taxes

Yes. Really. 

I guess if corporations are people, that means they need civil rights. So if two corporations merge, is that now marriage? So what if two corporations of the same gender want to enter into a loving, same-sex merger marriage? Do they even have genders? So is the merger of many corporations polygamy?



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We have to make sure that the promises we make in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are promises we can keep, and there are various ways of doing that,” Mr. Romney said. “One is we can raise taxes on people.”

“Corporations!” the protesters shouted, suggesting that Mr. Romney, as president, should raise taxes on large businesses. “Corporations!”

“Corporations are people, my friend,” Mr. Romney responded, as the hecklers shouted back, “No they’re not!”

“Of course they are,” Mr. Romney said, chuckling slightly. “Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to people. Where do you think it goes?” When someone in the front row angrily suggested that “it goes in their pockets,” Mr. Romney, becoming increasingly animated, asked: “Whose pockets? People’s pockets!

Mitt Romney, cheerfully laying out the “Corporations are people, too!” argument. 

Yeah… um, he’s right that earnings go to people. I just… I shudder, and I have trouble taking this seriously. Why do I get the feeling that Mitt Romney is an epic troll?

I report, you decide:


I see a wee bit o’ the troll face in this one…

(Source: The New York Times)

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The New American Oligarchy

The endgame here, of course, is non-stop war. No longer will outside groups come and go every two years. Now, such groups will be running attack ads, sending out mailers, and deploying robo-calls year-round in what is going to become a perpetual campaign to sway voters and elect friendly lawmakers. “We’re definitely building a foundation,” was how American Crossroads president Steven Law put it.

This is what nowadays passes for the heart and soul of American democracy. It used to be that citizens in large numbers, mobilized by labor unions or political parties or a single uniting cause, determined the course of American politics. After World War II, a swelling middle class was the most powerful voting bloc, while, in those same decades, the working and middle classes enjoyed comparatively greater economic prosperity than their wealthy counterparts. Kiss all that goodbye. We’re now a country run by rich people.

Not surprisingly, political power has a way of following wealth. What that means is: you can’t understand how the rich seized control of American politics, and arguably American society, without understanding how a small group of Americans got so much money in the first place.

Citizens United will destroy America’s political future, of this I am completely convinced. There’s no stopgap on money influencing elections. This article is the epitaph for the political careers of Russ Feingold and Alan Grayson. Somewhere, Paul Wellstone is weeping.

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