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No. Health care and dental care are not ‘human’ rights. You exist. That is it. You don’t get some special treatment because you exist. You work to be able to have that privilege to be healthy and get proper medical care. I will never be okay with paying for medical care for you. Ever. If you get fucked over in this world, no matter how hard you try, that is life. Sorry to say, but that’s what it is. I so strongly believe that if you TRULY want something so badly, you WILL get it. But only through hard work and determination, and to me that includes medical care, education and all the other government programs out there that provide something that isn’t the military.

That is what religion is supposed to be a bout [sic]. If you have a shitty life here, it’s not as big of a deal because what happens on this earth is temporary. We are not supposed to live for ourselves in a selfish manner. Even in pain. The afterlife is supposed to be granted by how we act here in this temporary place, and that any pain we may feel is nothing compared to our reward for doing the right thing later on.

Granted, I am not at all a religious person. I barely believe in the afterlife myself. But even without it, I don’t believe in paying for someone elses [sic] health care, living expenses or anything else using my tax dollars. It’s not supposed to be that way.

*drumroll* And the heartless comment of the week award goes to…

burnthestatic for this comment above on a link I posted, "Man Dies From Toothache, Couldn’t Afford Meds"

Last week’s award was on the same story. This comment is especially terrible though.

So health care isn’t a human right? The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations in 1948, would beg to differ. Article 25 of the declaration states:

Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.

I would like to point out that the author of this comment is 17. So I’m sure she’s paid quite a bit in taxes, no? Whatever she’s paid, she wants them back.

As for me, I would love for my tax dollars to pay for those who can’t afford health care or dental care. I prefer that versus paying for the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people in Afghanistan and Iraq. I would love to pay for higher education for my fellow citizens in this country instead of paying for further weapons development and deployment by private contractors. 

You point to the military as a specific example as a government program that’s somehow A-ok. Did you know that your tax dollars completely subsidize the medical and dental care of military members, their families and veterans? The best access to medical care I have ever had was when I was in the military.

Being healthy is a privilege? Well, here’s where you’re getting closer to correct, though not for the reasons you think. There’s many, many people who work hard, yet can’t afford treatment of any kind because they don’t make enough money. There’s a direct correlation between health, quality of live, and income level. The more cash money you have, the more likely you are to be healthy and able to have access to medical and dental care. So only the privileged are assured of being healthy. 

Thomas Jefferson compared individual heath to a society’s liberty, writing, “Liberty is to the collective body, what health is to every individual body. Without health no pleasure can be tasted by man; without liberty, no happiness can be enjoyed by society.” Thomas Jefferson would be disappointed in you, I imagine.

However, Karl Marx would not be shocked by your callousness. Marx wrote, “Capital is reckless of the health or length of life of the laborer, unless under compulsion from society.” It’s probably folks with similar beliefs to yours that inspired Marx.

You’re only 17. You have time to for your bubble to burst. And it’s fairly likely it will.

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nah he just should’ve taken care of his teeth, information is out there for it to be prevented. and people pay a shit ton to go to medical and dental school so no one should get treatment for free. whatever.

And the heartless comment of the week award goes to…. *drumroll* 

wavesarewashingme for this comment above on a link I posted, "Man Dies From Toothache, Couldn’t Afford Meds"

<sarcasm> It was tagged “unpopular opinion” and with that, I guess it leaves said commenter off the hook, right? 

Hell no. Yeah, there’s information “out there” but it doesn’t mean someone has access to the information. And yes, people pay quite a bit to go to school in this country, as opposed to other countries with socialized medicine and subsidized education. And often, those countries are doing much better in economic and social indicators than the supposed greatest country on Earth.

I can’t get into the mind set that dismissed a human life with “whatever, no one should get shit for free.” And I hope you never have to deal with a tooth infection or other dental problem which can happen even if you brush your teeth twice daily. But if you do, whatever. I’m sure you’ll be able to survive. Or not. You know, whatever. People die all the time. It’s just, like, happens y’know?

Ooh, look, puppy gifs! </sarcasm>

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