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Obama directs that wildland firefighters be offered health insurance

President Barack Obama has directed federal officials to offer seasonal firefighters the option of purchasing federal health insurance coverage, White House officials told The Denver Post Tuesday.

The temporary seasonal workers who descend into fire zones are usually young people who work sundry outdoor jobs, depending on the season. Some pick up contract work removing trees in the fall or they work at ski areas in the winter. Many are college students.

But because they are not full-time U.S. Forest Service employees, they previously did not have the option of purchasing federal health insurance.

Under a directive that will be made in the “near future” from the Office of Personnel Management, this group will get that option by the end of this month, White House officials said.

I had no idea they were not eligible. Thank you to the Obama Administration for taking care of our first responders in this regard. Now, let’s work to make it more affordable. 

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PA City Defies Court Order; Reduces Police Officers, Firefighters’ Pay To Minimum Wage

You have to read it to believe it. Scranton, Penn. claims to be broke and has lowered the pay of all city workers to $7.25. That means firefighters and police officers risking their lives for the citizens of Scranton will do so for $7.25/hr. 

It’s insulting and disgusting to think that’s even close to a fair wage. It is impossible to live on minimum wage. That’s $290 a week, about $1,160 a month, and $15,080 a year — before taxes, and for a forty hour work week. Here’s the kicker:

Congressional Republicans repeatedly blocked efforts to extend aid to the states that would have helped shore up their budgets and keep these workers on payroll.

Take a bow, GOP, and ask yourselves: Do you want that police officer responding to your emergency call or the firefighter rushing into your burning house wondering if it’s worth it for $7.25/hr? 

I sure as hell wouldn’t.

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Just stopped and thanked firefighters on behalf of a reader who wrote, “Thank you for that news. Please thank the fire fighters for all of us watching our family home burn from afar.”

One of the firefighters replied, “We’re nothing special, just doing our jobs. But we’re doing our best.”

So many onions as I drove home, you guys… The response has been completely overwhelming, both on the part of the community and the fire crews.

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You can’t have a good rebellion with bagpipes, it reminds viewers that Wisconsin’s keepers of law, order, and public safety—the cops and the firefighters—are behind the unions and the protesters. Total number of arrests by Madison police at 5 p.m. Saturday: zero. What happened to all those lawless union thugs we’d heard all about?

Wisconsin firefighters march into the capitol rotunda. Solidarity always sounds better with bagpipes.

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According to documents prepared by the county in 2008, a paltry 0.13 cent increase in property taxes on each household would be all it would take to fund fire services for the towns within the county.

Think Progress » After Firefighters Watched Home Burn, Obion County Expands Subscription-Only Fire Service To More Towns

this is the town in which volunteer firefighters stood and watched a family’s home burn to the ground because the family had not paid the subscription fee - a fee that could have been obviated by a 13cent increase in property taxes.

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Humanity fail.

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