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Eight Years Ago, Even Republican Judges Rejected Notre Dame’s Attack On Contraceptive Access

If you heard about the lawsuit filed by 43 religious organizations in regards to providing insurance that covers contraceptives, you’ve probably heard the intellectually dishonest point that the church isn’t trying to shove religious beliefs down people’s throats. Honest!

Well, that shit is nothing new. Arguments against providing said coverage were rejected eight years ago by the California Supreme Court, and there’s little indication the federal court would act differently. The court wrote:

The [law] serves the compelling state interest of eliminating gender discrimination. Evidence before the Legislature showed that women during their reproductive years spent as much as 68 percent more than men in out-of-pocket health care costs, due in part to the cost of prescription contraceptives and the various costs of unintended pregnancies, including health risks, premature deliveries and increased neonatal care. Assembly, Senate and legislative staff analyses of the bills that became the [birth control law] consistently identify the elimination of this economic inequity as the bills’ principal object…

Strongly enhancing the state’s interest is the circumstance that any exemption from the WCEA sacrifices the affected women’s interest in receiving equitable treatment with respect to health benefits. We are unaware of any decision in which this court, or the United States Supreme Court, has exempted a religious objector from the operation of a neutral, generally applicable law despite the recognition that the requested exemption would detrimentally affect the rights of third parties… [I]n rejecting a religious employer’s challenge to a law requiring him to pay Social Security and unemployment taxes for his employees, the [Supreme C]ourt wrote that “[g]ranting an exemption from social security taxes to an employer operates to impose the employer’s religious faith on the employees.

As ThinkProgress notes, the only justice to vote in favor of striking down the contraceptive coverage mandate in California previously compared liberalism to “slavery” and social security to a “socialist revolution.”

Oh, and before anyone howls about “liberal California,” all six justices on California’s Supreme Court were Republican. 

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You know, the Supreme Court of the United States on a recent case said that a man who committed rape could not be killed, could not be subject to the death penalty, yet the child conceived as a result of that rape could be. That to me sounds like a country that doesn’t have its morals correct. That child did nothing wrong. That child is an innocent victim. To be victimized twice would be a horrible thing. It is an innocent human life. It is genetically human from the moment of conception. And it is a human life.

And we in America should be big enough to try to surround ourselves and help women in those terrible situations who’ve been traumatized already. To put them through another trauma of an abortion I think is- is too much to ask. And so I would - I would absolutely stand and say that one violence is enough.

Sen. Rick Santorum, at the Ames Debate August 11th, explaining why he supports no exceptions for abortion whatsoever and claiming that an abortion after rape is “victimizing twice”. However, Santorum supports one exception - to save his wife’s life. Fortunately, he is a long-shot for the presidency.

So why post this disgusting quote? One reason: At the end of the paragraph in the transcript is the notation “[BRIAN] YORK: Thank you, Senator. (APPLAUSE)” 

Brian York, a moderator from the conservative Washington Examiner, asked Santorum if he thought his views on abortion might be too much for everyday Americans. In a debate punctuated by fairly sharp follow-up, Santorum’s response went unchecked. That chilled me, along with the audience applauding and hooting throughout Santorum’s response.

We cannot forget, in the debate over the economy and jobs, that there are GOP candidates like Santorum who want women to be living in a universe akin to A Handmaid’s Tale.

After the decades of struggle our grandmothers, grandfathers, fathers, and mothers underwent for us to have the limited reproductive rights we enjoy today, us young people cannot allow ourselves to just not care about politics and government. I fear it could be the undoing of these freedoms, piece by piece, and a severe disservice to those who fought so hard in the past and are continuing to fight for gender equality and reproductive rights. The people in that audience cheering for Santorum will vote. I don’t care how disenchanted you are with government - don’t let them be the only voice. 

(Source: Los Angeles Times)

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Fox ‘Expert’ Blasts Expanding Access To Birth Control: ‘Are We Going To Do Pedicures And Manicures As Well?’

It’s as disgusting as you think. All emphasis from the source:

– “Is the White House out of their mind? Does the West Wing not know what the left wing is doing? We’re $14 trillion in debt and now we’re going to cover birth control, breast pumps, counseling for abuse? Are we going to do pedicures and manicures as well?

– “Why in the world would you encourage your daughters, and your granddaughters, and whoever else comes behind you to have unrestricted, unlimited sex anytime, anywhere and that, somehow if you prevent pregnancy, that somehow you’ve helped them. I would submit to you that uncontrolled sexual behavior is what is harming our girls, not our lack of birth control — which by the way they don’t seem interested in taking anyway. Having a baby is not the worst thing. I think having multiple sex partners without any kind of restraint or responsibility is much more damning, why would you support that?

– “In Red China, they have this down to a science. The local health care centers make women come in every month to be examined to see if they’ve had their cycle to make sure they are taking their medication and if they have a baby they are roundly punished, if they have an extra baby that baby is aborted. That is the control we’re moving toward.

– “I’d like to say that the morning-after pill has other detrimental affects. In Great Britain where it was legalized first, there was an outbreak of older men taking young girls in for the morning-after pill so they wouldn’t get caught and so there are no consequences.”

Ahem - I’d like to see a citation for all of these claims. Further, having a baby is a big deal. The risk of complications in pregnancy for low-income women is much higher. Period. And we’re not covering anything - it’s private insurance companies - unless you account for nearly two-thirds of all unintended pregnancies ultimately wind up covered by public insurance plans such as Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Plus, having a baby is much more expensive than covering birth control. I’m going to use myself as an illustration. When I began taking the pill, I received it for $20 a month. Multiply that over 12 months, and that’s $240. For 18 years of birth control, that would be $4,320.

According to Kaiser Health News, the average routine delivery costs Medicaid $2,500. That’s just the delivery. The actual cost of a hospital stay, with routine non-surgical delivery is $6,000-$8,000. 

After that, a child just continues to cost money:

These numbers from the USDA assume a two-parent family. Single parents can expect to spend roughly $180,000-$200,000. If you’re not financially stable, odds are the taxpayers will be helping out. In the long run, folks, it’s cheaper for insurance companies to cover my birth control versus you as taxpayers paying for the children that result from millions of unintended pregnancies a year. Several studies have pegged that cost as $11 billion a year.

Self-proclaimed “expert” Sandy Rios has expertise in little more than slut-shaming and conjecture. Birth control is a responsible decision should one become sexually active. Dare I call it a fiscally conservative one?

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For the anti-choice, I believe the heart of the abortion controversy is not about the fate of unborn babies. It’s about the value of women in society. In North America, for example, many anti-abortion leaders oppose ideas and programs that could help women achieve equality and freedom, and protect the health and well-being of families. For instance, they oppose affirmative action programs that help women gain equity in the job market. They force poor women to have babies and then cut off their welfare. They lobby against health and nutrition programs for children. They condone the bombing of clinics providing reproductive services, and the killing of doctors and staff.

These uncivilized actions reveal the true nature of anti-choice goals. They want a return to the days when women had few choices in life. They don’t like women having too much freedom, especially in controlling their reproductive lives. They’re convinced that women can’t be trusted to make their own decisions. And they certainly don’t like women having sex for fun without paying for it.
Joyce Arthur, summing up the anti-choice movement well.


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Women hit hardest by global crisis, attacks on public sector unions


It is important to use International Women’s Day, a socialist anniversary, to help unite and advance the struggles today.

The capitalist crisis is a declaration of war against the working class, which has deeply impacted women. More than two-thirds of the 1 billion people living on less than $1 per day are women and children; the majority of them live in rural and agricultural areas.

Almost twice as many women as men worldwide are illiterate — 600 million women to 320 million men. More than 500,000 women die each year during pregnancy or in childbirth, 99 percent of them in developing countries.

Women are primarily responsible for the world’s unpaid work, estimated in the trillions of dollars, for raising children and caring for the sick and elderly. Insufficient access to sanitation increases risks to the hygiene of women and their families. On average women spend more than two hours a day simply collecting water.

Women grow half of the world’s food. Rural women are responsible for 60 to 80 percent of food production in developing countries. In sub-Saharan Africa, small-scale farmers are predominantly women, due to the high rates of male migration to cities to find jobs.

Exorbitant costs of food staples, along with other austerity measures, were answered by righteous revolts in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and elsewhere.

Women from Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean make up the vast majority of migrant workers. Remittances from their incomes account for as much as 10 percent of the gross domestic product in some countries. In 2008 remittances were estimated by the World Bank at $305 billion.

The overall status of women worldwide helps to put the status of working and poor women in the U.S. into perspective. The economic gap between women in the East and the West is not expanding but contracting.

Educate yourself.

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So, why do you write these strong women characters?

Because equality is not a concept. It’s not something we should be striving for. It’s a necessity. Equality is like gravity, we need it to stand on this earth as men and women, and the misogyny that is in every culture is not a true part of the human condition. It is life out of balance and that imbalance is sucking something out of the soul of every man and women who’s confronted with it. We need equality, kinda now.

So, why do you write these strong female characters?

Because you’re still asking me that question.

Joss Whedon, Equality Now (via inherhipstheresrevolutions)

(Source: naufragous, via youcrashquimssaysfuckthepolice)

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Scalia: Women Don't Have Constitutional Protection Against Discrimination

The equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not protect against discrimination on the basis of gender or sexual orientation, according to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

In a newly-published interview with the legal magazine California Lawyer, Scalia said that while the Constitution does not disallow the passage of legislation outlawing such discrimination, it doesn’t itself outlaw that behavior.

So the conservative argument about the ERA duplicating existing law just went out the window…

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