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I firmly believe that race riots are on the way. They are being encouraged. Remember when Bill Clinton left office and remember they took all the Ws out of the keyboard and they defaced parts of the White House? What do you think these people are gonna do? What do you think this administration — this administration won’t worry about the White House. They will take this country down. If it looks like they are losing, the uber left, they will take it down. If I can’t have it, no one will.

Glenn Beck, claiming on his radio show this past Friday that if Barack Obama isn’t re-elected, there’s going to be race riots. Seriously. He’s not even trying to couch his racism any longer in coded language. And again, Obama is less liberal than Richard Nixon.

As for the supposed vandalism, the truth calls shenanigans on that claim. In fact, the truth calls shenanigans on quite a few of Beck’s claims.

Here’s all I can think of now when I see or hear Glenn Beck:


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Saturday I was following the news of the shooting in Norway and the explosion in Norway, which happened what, on Friday? … When we heard the explosion everybody was willing to say, it’s Muslim extremists, it’s Muslim extremists. I don’t think we made a comment on it because we didn’t know other than a bombing had happened, and as the thing started to unfold and there was a shooting a political camp, which sounds a little like the Hitler Youth or you know whatever. Who does a camp for kids that’s all about politics? Disturbing. But, anyway, so there’s this political camp and so crazy man goes and starts shooting kids.

Glenn Beck, demonstrating on his radio show today that no matter how heinously low he sinks, he can always grab a shovel and start digging.

Never mind his 9/12 group ran political camps for kids, right? It’s only Hitler Youth-ish when the left does it. The 9/12 group youth camps were described as a place where 8-12 year-old kids could have fun while “learning the principles of liberty, free markets, and limited government.” Plus, they’ll get to learn the “values of personal responsibility, faith, courage, hard work, reverence and thrift.”

Oh, and the whole Nazi reference is particularly tacky, considering Norway was actually, y’know, invaded by real Nazis during WWII.

Stay classy, Glenn.


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To target Fox News over 'Nazi' label, rabbis make use of Murdoch's other media

A coalition of rabbis wants Fox News chief Roger Ailes and conservative host Glenn Beck to cut out all their talk about Nazis and the Holocaust, and it’s making its views known in an unusual place.

The rabbis have called on Fox News’s owner, Rupert Murdoch, to sanction his two famous employees via a full-page ad in Thursday’s editions of the Wall Street Journal - one of many other media properties controlled by Murdoch’s News Corp.

The ad is signed by the heads of the Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist movements as well as Orthodox rabbis.

"We share a belief that the Holocaust, of course, can and should be discussed appropriately in the media. But that is not what we have seen at Fox News," says the ad, signed by hundreds of rabbis and placed by the Jewish Funds for Justice, a nonprofit advocacy group. Earlier this month, the group organized a letter-writing campaign asking Murdoch to remove Beck from the air.

The rabbis were prompted by Beck’s three-part program in November about liberal billionaire philanthropist George Soros, whom Beck described as a “Jewish boy helping send the Jews to the death camps” during World War II.

Ailes, in a November interview with the Daily Beast Web site, called NPR executives “Nazis” for their decision to fire Juan Williams, also a Fox commentator. He later apologized to the Anti-Defamation League, but not to NPR, saying, “I was of course ad-libbing and should not have chosen that word, but I was angry at the time because of NPR’s willingness to censor Juan Williams for not being liberal enough.”

But Ailes, in the same interview, defended Beck’s frequent use of Nazi references to describe his political opponents by attributing outrage over such remarks to “left-wing rabbis who basically don’t think that anybody can ever use the word ‘Holocaust’ on the air.”

View the ad here. An rather ingenious idea, and one I fully support.

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Beck: WikiLeaks Tied To Soros Conspiracies (VIDEO)


Glenn Beck tied WikiLeaks, and its leader, Julian Assange, to George Soros — whom Beck has repeatedly attacked as sitting at the center of a vast array of secretive organizations determined to fundamentally alter American society and the world — during his weekly “At Your Beck And Call” segment on Wednesday’s “O’Reilly Factor.” Beck has focused on WikiLeaks — whose release of classified State Department cables has unearthed scores of revelations about the inner workings of American diplomacy — during his television show this week, and so O’Reilly asked him what he thought of the scandal. He replied that he sees it as an attempt to create chaos around the world and destabilize governments. Then, he began comparing Assange to Soros. Assange, Beck said, “loves to have just all-open society. Sound familiar?” O’Reilly picked up the reference to Soros’ Open Society Institute. “You think Assange knows George Soros?” “I know Assange is being represented by the attorney who does the pro bono work for George Soros’ Open Society Insitute,” Beck said. He went on to say that the WikiLeaks scandals were part of an effort to create a “perfect storm” of chaos, and compared the organization to Al Qaeda. Both, he said, are trying to take down America by “a thousand cuts.” O’Reilly asked if Beck believed, “in your heart,” that Soros was “in bed with Assange, knows what his operation is, had a hand in it.” “I don’t think he had a hand in it, but I think he absolutely knows what the operation is,” Beck said

*headdesk* Is anything not connected to George Soros at this point? I mean, how powerful is this guy supposed to be? He’s like motherfucking Cthulhu in Beck’s eyes. If he’s so powerful, how can anyone defeat him? I can’t fucking believe the insanity. It’s just gone beyond mindblowing into straight-jacket territory. 

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Just in Time for Christmas Glenn Beck Calls The Suffering of the Poor A Lie


Words just cannot describe how much I despise this man.

And it isn’t a matter of just ignoring what he says, because people actually believe him. People listen to what he says. Lots of people. And that has consequences.

WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK?! I really can’t add anything to what’s above, other than Glenn Beck is a sick fuck.

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Glenn Beck's Alternative To The TSA: Let Everybody Carry A Gun


On his radio show today, Glenn Beck offered his alternative to the TSA. Texans with guns. Really. Beck said, “You think somebody’s gonna get up on a plane with a boxcutter… with a bunch of Texans?

Because Terrorists can’t get a hold of any guns.

Because we can trust people to shoot the terrorist and not a fellow passenger when panicked because there’s a terrorist. 

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Woman gets death threats after being targeted by Glenn Beck

An Illinois woman who volunteered to moderate a congressional debate received numerous threats of violence and death threats after being targeted personally by Fox News personality Glenn Beck, according to a report a colleague filed last week with the FBI.

League of Women Voters Illinois Executive Director Jan Czarnik filed a report saying she and Kathy Tate-Bradish, who moderated the debate, had been the target of Internet death threats after being singled out by name on Beck’s Oct. 25 program. The League of Women voters moderated a debate between candidates in Illinois’ 8th district.

Beck had singled out Tate-Bradish because she declined a request from a veteran — who was supporter of the Republican candidate — to begin with the Pledge of Allegiance.

“I have to say that being forced by having audience members stand up in presumably a planned way to have something like that happen seems a bit disrespectful,” Tate-Bradish told the crowd during the debate.

Czarnik later called the request “phony patriotism.”

Subsequently, Beck devoted a portion of his Oct. 25 show to attacking Tate-Bradish personally.

"I hope this video goes viral," Beck began. "I love this."

"We wanted to look at the moderator, Kathy Tate-Bradish, from the League of Women Voters," Beck quipped. "Oh, she sounds so neutral and everything. I mean, she’s even neutral on the Pledge, apparently — just a typical woman voter trying to get the truth out. No, not so much — not so much.

"She is on fire for Obama," Beck continued. "She is a big-time Obama supporter. In fact, so much so, she’s part of his Organizing for America arm. Hmm. She’s even hosted a campaign event in her home in 2007, part of her post on OFA’s, Organizing for America Web site, “Hope Action Change.”

Within the next two days, Tate-Bradish received death threats, according to the FBI.

Horrifying. Never mind the misogynistic ”typical woman voter” statement.

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