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Student punished for spaghetti beliefs

A student has been suspended from school in America for coming to class dressed as a pirate.

But the disciplinary action has provoked controversy – because the student says that the ban violates his rights, as the pirate costume is part of his religion.

Bryan Killian says that he follows the Pastafarian religion, and that as a crucial part of his faith, he must wear ‘full pirate regalia’ as prescribed in the holy texts of Pastafarianism.

This is a motherfucking injustice. May the name of the FSM be praised. R’amen

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Wyoming is a funny friend. If you get invited to supper at Wyoming’s house, you probably shouldn’t bring your same-sex spouse or your gay brother-in-law, or, perhaps, even yourself — but if you’d like to bring a firearm, that would be fine. Or at least that’s what I can discern from the legislative news this week, during which Wyoming lawmakers vigorously voted against same-sex marriage while also supporting the carrying of concealed weapons without permits. Apparently, Wyoming would rather have a shotgun go off during dessert than talk about anything too personal.

I realize, of course, that much of this legislation stems from collective fear and misunderstanding dating from the days on the high plains when rogue bands of gay couples terrorized frontier towns, opening independent bookstores and making snappy remarks about other settlers’ haircuts — no, wait, that’s not what happened. I don’t know why Wyoming continues to be so anxious about gay people and their families — who do they think invented fringed chaps and square-dancing, anyway?

Mary Kettl, "The Things We Conceal and Carry"

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Amidst National Islamophobic Upheaval, Arizonans Protest Mosque That’s Actually A Church

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In an era saturated with absurd moments of anti-Muslim fear-mongering, mosques have become a touchstone for Islamophobia. Even unbuilt mosques have set off a wave of anti-Muslim sentiment in TennesseeTexas,California, and most notably, New York. Not to be outdone, the people of Pheonix, AZ were quick to call foul over the appearance of a dome-like structure along an interstate. But in the clamor over the impending Muslim takeover, these Arizonans missed one small detail — the building is not a Mosque, it’s a church:

A new dome-like structure near 19th Avenue along Interstate 10 in Phoenix is the Light of the World church, a nondenominational Christian church hoping to modernize traditional worship services, a church spokesman said

Since the distinctive dome shape went up, church leaders said they have received phone calls from concerned neighbors who’ve mistaken the building for an Islamic mosque.

On Wednesday, church officials hung a sign reminding people they’re Christian congregation. “We’re trying to let people know that we’re Christian and our churches are modern,” said Uzieo Martinez.

I’ll bet anyone five bucks that these “Christians” will think the sign is a conspiracy so the mosque can be built right under their intolerant noses. 

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The gay kissing experiment

Oh, dear. Just when I think, “Maybe we’ve evolved sometime during the night” as I get up in the morning, I look at Tumblr and Fox News. Tolerance FAIL.





Cameras record America’s reactions to homosexual couples engaging in PDA.

Someone actually called the cops out on two men kissing? Fuck the world.

Oh. This is sad.

I’m sorry, but stating that gay/lesbian couples are everywhere on television is a bunch of bullshit. It was “The L Word”, “Queer as Folk” and a show that was cancelled after one season. Everywhere?

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