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Palin "fires back" on Facebook



Palin responds to her “our ally North Korea” gaffe. Does she: A) apologize for the mix up? B) point out that it was obvious what she really meant, or C) post a list of every gaffe or slip of the tongue Obama’s ever made

 I just hate her so much. And this lady thinks she’s qualified to run the U.S.

Sarah Palin never left high school. Seriously. This is how she deals with her mistakes, by being a catty, bitchy mean girl and saying, “Yeah, but that kid, you know, the one that’s a foreigner, said way worse things than me. He’s such a loser.”

I bet she thinks 2012 is all about class president and boy, she’ll be pissed if China and Russia exclude her from the lunch table at the UN because she’s so annoying. “BUT I’M AMERICA! I’M EXCEPTIONAL! YOU CAN’T DO THIS WAAHHH!” It’ll never sink in that president is a bigger deal than head cheerleader.

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