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Why Fox News Loves the (Other) N-Word

We have Murdoch’s avuncular minister of propaganda, Roger Ailes, use the word Nazi constantly to describe Obama and the Democrats, particularly on the subject of health care or monetary policy We hear Fox’s primary predators Limbaugh and Beck aim their arsenal of vitriol and tears in concert with that word — mainly at Obama, but using it so that it even includes a Holocaust survivor such as the progressive billionaire George Soros — the perfect target for a new kind of totalitarian abuse.

Sherman’s law: The word Nazi can only be used in connection to the Holocaust. To trivialize that word as Fox News has done is to degrade the deaths of millions of innocents. It is quite simply pissing on their graves to promote a radical right wing political message.

* Initiating slow clap now*

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This kind of fucked with my head. There’s no way we’d see something like this today.

Check that, I actually think it’s a possibility, what with the intertubez and all. I’m just sick of Nazi language being thrown around… I saw this cartoon posted on a conservative forum with the title “Tea Party versus liberals! LOL”

That’s not an LOL, that’s a fail.

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