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Lost a cop friend on Facebook today because he messaged me with this “Not all cops… but what about all the good ones?!” bullshit. I got pissed and fired back, “If it’s not all cops, and some of y’all are good guys, then what the fuck are y’all doing about the bad cops trashing your reputations? What are y’all doing to stop the unjustified and racist use of lethal force? Why are you defending a murderer? This looks more like y’all ‘good cops’ are more into serving and protecting your own asses instead of the people.”

He called me a reactionary bitch and said I could go get teargassed for all he cared with the “thugs” in Ferguson. He also said that people like me sympathizing with “the wrong type of people” get officers killed every day, and that people in Missouri are “determined to learn that the hard way by pushing officers into using deadly force, even if they dont [sic] want to and these thugs will make more mistakes happen.”

Guess he’s not one of those good cops after all.

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Atlanta Police Officer Still on Duty after Numerous Shocking Offenses, Records Show

I collaborated with Matthew Cardinale, editor/founder of Atlanta Progressive News, on an exposé of Officer Edward Rabb. Rabb is currently serving as a cop for the Atlanta PD despite a 735+ page disciplinary file containing charges of domestic assault, failure to respond to a call, losing a suspect’s gun, failure to appear in court, a DUI, and a violent sexual assault.

Share widely, especially if you live in Georgia. Read the full timeline here:

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Police Kill Unarmed Former Football Player Who May Have Been Seeking Help After A Car Crash

Jonathan Ferrell, 24, walked half a mile to find help. Instead, the unarmed man was fatally shot by an officer of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.


The Charlotte Observer reports that the car crash was so severe that Ferrell likely had to “pull himself out” of the wreckage. He then walked to the nearest house, about a half mile away, to seek assistance. But the local resident whose home Ferrell arrived at was frightened that he was attempting to burglarize her after not recognizing him.

The resident then made a 911 call and three officers arrived at the scene.According to police accounts, Ferrell, who is African-American, acted “aggressively” and charged towards the officers.

Please, try to tell me race had nothing to do with this. Go ahead. A skinny white kid running towards the cops, grateful that someone was coming to help, would have fared far better. If I’d just been in a terrible accident, I might run towards police as well, thinking they were there to help. 

At least the officer who shot him has been charged with voluntary manslaughter after investigators determined the use of lethal force was “excessive”.

(Source: think-progress)

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Homelessness is not a crime. I’ve got to have the legal right (to question or take anyone into custody). We can’t just take people to somewhere they don’t want to go. I can’t do that. I won’t do that.

Interim Police Chief Ruben Santiago taking a stand on the city council’s plan to criminalize homelessness in downtown Columbia, S.C. by pushing the homeless to a shelter just barely in the city limits. 

According to The State, Santiago also said his department cannot transport homeless adults to the riverfront shelter to get services nor will police tell them they would be charged with a nuisance offense should they refuse. The law, which is likely unconstitutional, aims to bus the homeless out of the downtown area to a shelter that would have infrequent transportation services and require signing in and out. 

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Cops to hand out Doritos at Seattle pot festival

Not The Onion. Remember kids, even if Officer Friendly gives you a bag of Doritos, he’s not your friend. 

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Connecticut State Police: BOLO issued for possible suspect vehicle [Gray Honda CRV, Massachusetts plate, 316 ES9]


    Since the tragic bombing that took place in Boston on April 15, the Connecticut State Police has monitored all intelligence related to this investigation.

   Today, April 19, 2013, the Connecticut State Police received information from the Boston Investigation that a suspect vehicle could POSSIBLY be occupied by a wanted suspect.




REGISTRATION: 316 ES9 Massachusetts

   Connecticut Troopers are posted strategically in our State and continue to communicate with Massachusetts authorities.




LT. J.  Paul Vance


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Does America Really Need More Cops in Schools?

This genuinely worries me — other schools who’ve experienced mass shootings had armed police or guards, and that did not stop a shooter. What about the Foot Hood shooting on a military base? This article is posing a very valid question about a concept I see many supporting, even those “gun-grabbing lefties” folks vilify.

Are more police the answer? To me, no — not when children are handcuffed for what used to be solved through a different kind of detention. Plus, I feel like schools should resemble a prison only if the school is in an actual prison. Read this article and decide for yourself.

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On white privilege:

White privilege is when I get pulled over by the cop while blaring Killer Mike, he loses the swagger with which he walked up to the car and says, laughing, “You’re not who I was expecting.”

White privilege is when he tells me he’s running my license as a formality and not that he’s checking for wants and warrants — he didn’t even ask if I have any.

White privilege is him assuming I’m a college student and not just up to no good, even though I was in a rich neighborhood.

White privilege is when I get respect and a warning, instead of disrespect and handcuffs.

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